Thursday, 1 February 2018

Monthly Catch-up: January 2018

I thought I'd get back into the habit of posting catch-up posts at the end of each month! Checking in more frequently gives me short-term motivation to keep chasing my annual running goals, plus it gives me the chance to share bits and bobs that I haven't shared throughout the month. So here goes! 

Favourite run

We had so many fun family runs in January! Will had 2.5 weeks of leave, which was heavenly, and most of our runs during this time included the whole family. And you know how much I love those! But if I had to choose a favourite favourite, it would be our New Year's Day parkrun double. It was our first time doing one as a family and I really hope it won't be our last!
First half of our New Year's double: Lower Hutt parkrun.

Second half of our New Year's double: Porirua parkrun.

New gear

Sweetest Will got me the most awesome pair of breezy running shorts over the holidays. We're having a hot, hot summer here in Wellington and I hate to admit it, but my beloved skapris just aren't cutting it. They're way too hot!

I specifically searched for a pair of 5-inch shorts because, ahem, I'm not 20 anymore, and I thought they'd be appropriate. And while I absolutely love my new shorts, I just have to share a piece of advice that running blogger friend Atlegang from That Indie Runner gave me shortly after showing off my new shorts on Instagram. He said: "You are a runner and therefore you have a license to wear 2-inch shorts until you're eighty!". So there you have it. Just in case any of you, like me, wondered about the appropriateness of wearing short running shorts as you age. Thanks, A.  

Progress with annual running goals

I'm happy to report that I've started working on all my running goals for the year! I have to admit, though, that I've tackled some with a bit more gusto than others... Here's a quick update:

  • parkruns: I've completed six out of 50 parkruns so far - and five of them were family runs! Happiness.
  • Clocking three runs per week: Done! Three runs per week for the whole of January. So far so good!
  • Two strength sessions per week: Ugh, I'm struggling with this one. I want to run, not squat! But I'm kinda sorta eeking out a few strength moves twice a week. Not loving it, though. But I know it's necessary. 
  • Sort out the hip drop: Same as above. I know the issue isn't going to sort itself out, and I can feel that the balancing exercises will help in the long run, but I'm really unmotivated to do them on my own. Ugh. 

Latest challenge

Guys, I have the most exciting news! New Zealand Home Loans, as the major sponsor of parkrun in New Zealand, made a few complimentary entries for parkrunners available to another event that they're sponsoring, namely XRace. XRace is aimed at having positive, quality, family fun - such a cool concept! Parent-child teams of two are eligible to enter, and the event consists of completing a series of (kid-friendly) obstacles and challenges with your child along a 3 km course. And guess what?! Miss K and I were one of the lucky winners of an entry! Whoooooooop!

Some of the challenges will obviously only be revealed on the day of the event, but one or two are revealed ahead of time to allow parents and kids to spend some quality time together practicing them. And the first one is to make up a 5-move secret handshake and perfect it. Miss K and I have ours ready and waiting, and we're both loving it! Sooo excited about this event (in case you can't tell, ha!)!

The event is in March - I'll keep you posted!

And that's it for January! How's your running going?  



  1. Wonderlik Saar, daai event met K klink heerlik! Kom vertel tog.
    Watter oefeninge doen jy vir die hipdrop? Ek karring ook hierdiekant anie selle situasie, wonder of dit sal help... Deel bietjie? Ek doen maar net hip hikes elke aand saam met my planks. Jy weet ook hoe voel ek oor oefen op een plek... Eeg. Lekker Februarie vir jullejies! Xxxx

    1. Oeeeee, ek kan tog nie wag vir daai event nie, Saar! En my ou Blompie is net so opgewonde - heerlik! Ons secret handshake is girly en laf en 100% ONS - ons giggel leeeeeekker as ons oefen ;) . Het 'n lieflike artikel oor liggaamssimmetrie in onse nuutste Runner's World gelees - wonder of hy in julle s'n ook was? As hy nie was nie, kan ek hom vir jou scan en stuur? Daar's nogal 'n paar oefeninge in om die heupe te stabilize. Se tog, dan maak ek so! Baie, baie liefnisse! xxxx

    2. Jy sal moet n vid maak van daai handshake, Saar! Ons wil sien!!
      Sal gaaf wees as jy vir my op n stadium kan scan en stuur Saar, ek sien hom nie in my nuutste uitgawe nie. Dalk is daar n link op die internet, maar sal seker eers later kom. Moenie moeite maak nie asb Saar, ek weet jou tyd is ook baie beperk. Ek voel hoe klap my kniee teen mekaar terwyl ek hol, en alhoewel ek nie fotos het vir bewyse nie, weet ek (ook van warlt die fisio sĂȘ) my heupe drop. Sulke lui heupe! Maar og Saar, as dit nie maklik is om te fux met elke dag gou 5 nie weet ek nie van die oefenedinge nie... Mens moet dit darem geniet ook!
      Lekker naweek en Parkrun Saartjie!xxxxxx

    3. Ek dink dit het dalk maar met swangerskap en geboortes te doen? Want die drop was nie altyd daar nie. Die oefeninge wat hulle voorstel is darem gou-gou - alles binne 10 minute, maar og, ek shal nou nie she hulle ish lekker nie... Ek stuur sodra ek 'n kansie kry. xxxx

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