Monday, 29 January 2018

A Bittersweet Milestone

On Saturday we celebrated Kapiti Coast parkrun's 3rd birthday! 

We suffered ran... 

I can't stop giggling when I look at this pic! The contrast between the kids' and our faces is hilarious - it literally speaks a thousand words, ha! And yes, the hip drop is still very much with us (see add-ons in red)... Ugh. Just keepin' things real. [Picture by Jeff Stark.]

We celebrated...

Birthday cake!

And then we celebrated some more! 

Ice-cold, sweet pineapple and a sausage sizzle! This is the second time that they've have ice-cold, juicy fruit at the finish line, and I actually can't think of anything better - especially in summer. Yum!

Judging by the pictures, some of us clearly celebrated a little harder than others - whoops!

And while any parkrun anniversary is always a joyous, fun occasion, I also celebrated a bittersweet personal parkrun milestone along with this one. I've now completed the same number of parkrun events at Kapiti Coast parkrun in New Zealand (my current home parkrun) as I have at Kimberley parkrun in South Africa (my former home parkrun)...

How is that even possible?! It feels like only yesterday that ran my first Kapiti Coast parkrun: Groggy with jet lag and overwhelmed by the lushness and abundance of mud and water. A stark contrast to the dry and dusty parkrun settings I was used to!

Flashback to one of my first parkruns at Kapiti Coast. So much water and mud...!

And while I'm so happy to have found a new parkrun home, I still miss Kimberley parkrun terribly. I personally think its level of camaraderie and community is unparalleled. Or perhaps I'm biased? Be that as it may, it sure is a special event with a special bunch of people. I can't wait to go back and visit someday!

I celebrated this personal milestone by sporting a shirt that is very close to my heart. It was sent to me all the way from South Africa by two amazing Kimberley parkrun friends, and it has the South African flag on the sleeve. LOVE!


So I guess that the next, equally bittersweet milestone will be clocking more parkruns overall in New Zealand than I have in South Africa...? Thirteen left to go!

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