Monday, 9 October 2017


I ran! After five never-ending sick weeks, which concluded with ten whole days of antibiotics, I finally laced up and ran. And the timing couldn't have been better: parkrun turned 13 on Saturday! My inner parkrun nerd rejoiced that I was healthy in time for the festivities.

The run was, as expected, horrible and glorious at the same time. Horrible, because it hurt. From around kilometer 3 I huffed and ached like a newbie fresh off the couch - waaaaaaah! But the endorphins were g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s, as always. How I've missed them! 

[Photo by Jeff Stark.]

And so I find myself almost entirely back at square one. From half-marathon PB to struggling with a 5k in seven months flat, ugh! But that's running for you, right? No one is ever quite its boss. I'm just happy to be back. 

I've been thinking about entering another half-marathon before the year ends, just to give me a goal and something to work towards, but haven't pulled the trigger just yet. The last of the bigger races for 2017 all take place towards the end of November, which doesn't give me much time to prepare, plus they're all located pretty far from us. But we'll see. There's still time.

For now we're just loving the school holidays and the fact that winter has finally called it a day (I hope?!). Looking forward to a wonderfully warm and sunny couple of months to run, scoot and be happy!



  1. Great pictures, all smiles and looking happy. Good to hear you've finally got rid of that terrible lurgy and back running again. Not sure you're ready for another ½ marathon, but you know best. Just play it by ear. Oh, and it's alright for you, our winter is looming just around the corner.... Happy running.

    1. Thanks, Gordon! I wish you weren't, but you're right about the half marathon. I think I'll do best by saving it for early next year and then giving it everything. Perhaps a bit of parkrun tourism then for the remainder of the year to keep things exciting...?

      Happy running!

  2. Ai Serie, ek is so dankbaar saam met jou! Julle lyk pragtig. Ek glo en hoop die goggas sal julle nou uitlos! Hier by ons het die winter toe so 3 weke gelede begin. Dis snerpend soos dit heel-"winter" nooit was nie! Ons wag maar sonder om te kla... weet, as die somer kom dan KOM hy! Baie liefde vir julle! xxxx

    1. Ai, my stomme suster! Sterkte tog! Hopelik is hy van korte duur. Baie, baie liefnis! xxxx


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