Monday, 2 October 2017

Our first year in New Zealand

We celebrated our first year in New Zealand this weekend! And wow, what a year it's been. The kids are now both fluent in English and sport proper Kiwi accents; Will is settled and happy in his new job; and I am slowly but surely starting to master the art of juggling housework, writing, mom duty and running. Let's just say it's a work in progress!

And while we've all thankfully settled in really, really well, there's also been some tears. Just last week I burst out crying when a truck transporting a complete stranger's container full of belongings drove past us in the street. I couldn't decide whether I was being a complete nutcase or just really homesick, ha! For some reason I also feel like bawling every time the New Zealand national anthem plays at Miss K's school assembly... I guess it's a feeling of "wow, it's been a wild ride, but we made it!"...? And then there's of course things like Freshpak Rooibos tea (it tastes like home!); watching a good Afrikaans movie in the theatre; the camaraderie of Kimberley parkrun; and chats and laughs with my besties and family that I really, really miss. Sigh. 

How I miss these two...!

Having said that, this is our home now and we couldn't be happier and more thankful to be here. New Zealand is breathtakingly beautiful; the people are friendly, respectful and disciplined; and it's the perfect place to raise a family. We don't regret our decision to come here for one, single second.

So, in celebration of our first year in New Zealand, I thought I'd share with you some fun (and funny) facts:       
  • Number of times Will and I have looked at each other and said: "Are we really in New Zealand?!": Countless. We do it to this day and then giggle like little kids.
  • Number of NZ parkrun events completed: 42 [plus 1 volunteering stint, 2 races, 1 parkrun cancellation and 6 sick weekends (of which four were back-to-back over the past four weekends... Ugh.) But that's all 52 Saturdays accounted for - couldn't be prouder!]
  • Number of NZ parkrun venues visited: 4 (Kapiti Coast, Lower Hutt, Porirua and Puarenga). And there's a fifth one in the pipeline for October, woooot!
  • Number of people who've attempted to pronounce our surname: Only 1 - seriously! And it was a South African working at our local pharmacy. Every one else just gives it one look and then says: "I'm not even going to try to pronounce that!".
  • Number of miles we've walked before getting a car three months ago: A bajillion. At least. Thank heavens for the blessing of four wheels.
  • Frequency at which people say "where are you from?!" when we open our mouths: Almost daily. It's funny how you start to think that you sound just like everybody else once you've been in a new place for a while... But judging by everyone's reaction to our accent, that's clearly not the case, ha!
All in all, this has been an absolutely incredible family adventure so far. Looking forward to seeing what Year 2 has in store for us! Happy running, everyone!


  1. Happy anniversary! You've all done marvelously well to make the huge adjustment to Kiwi living. That top picture of all your smiling faces tells it all.....

    1. Thanks, Gordon! I'm especially thankful that the kids adjusted so well - my mother heart sings!


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