Thursday, 25 May 2017

Seven years and 545 blog posts later

Running the Race turned seven this weekend. That's right, SEVEN! And wow, what an incredible journey it's been. There's been...

... running adventures on four different continents and in six different countries

Running Botswana!

... bulging bellies and finishing dead last in races

I know. It barely looks possible. And I wasn't even full term here! I was only 34 weeks and had a whopping six more to go...

... single stroller running, double stroller running and finishing first in races

... shameless running around the neighbourhood in a poop-covered shirt


... failure to clock a sub-50 10 kay on a bazillion different occasions

If only the course didn't measure long...!

... close encounters with ostriches and one very grumpy bull

... the accidental discovery of parkrun and a subsequent lifelong love affair

Hartenbos parkrun with the fam!

... and countless new friendships that motivate and inspire me in a million different ways!

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me. Here's to the next seven years of running fun!  


I love hearing from you!

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