Thursday, 18 May 2017


I turned forty last week. And although I personally don't feel a day older than twenty, the kids exclaimed with surprise and delight that I'm now almost 100. Bless their hearts. 

It is, of course, a complete coincidence that, the day after my birthday, I forgot both kids' ready-packed school bags at home... Causing me to have to traverse the entire school drop-off route twice - on foot - in the pouring rain. Which took my daily walking mileage to about 9 km a mere two days before running a half marathon... Oi! I'm determined never to forget those darn bags ever again.

Two school drop-off rounds in the rain, baby!

School bag snafu notwithstanding, my birthday was one big blessing from beginning to end. Growing older (and busier) sure does teach you to sincerely appreciate every second of time that friends and family take to celebrate you and your special day!

The day started off with a (very sleepy) birthday band waking me up with some happy birthday tunes. Followed by the perfect breakfast in bed. Will got all my favourites: Muesli, yogurt, blueberries and coconut water. Yum! And then it was time for presents: Some old blocks and toys that the kids wrapped themselves and completely melted my heart. Some full-length running tights because my (African) cropped leggings just don't cut it in the NZ cold. A tripod for my smartphone to take some cool pics for the blog. And a subscription box filled with all kinds of healthy and organic products because Will knows just how to indulge my inner health-nut. My bestie from SA treated me to a Runner's World subscription (yes, I did three cartwheels and a happy dance!) and some wonderful new NZ friends treated me to tea and a spread fit for a queen. I'm blessed and so, so thankful.

Birthday tea with some wonderful new friends.

I am, of course, also officially now a masters athlete. Waaaaaa! After a quick squiz at our local parkrun's weekly results, I noticed that 40-44 is actually a fiercely competitive age bracket... So perhaps that will motivate me to clock some seriously speedy times before I really do turn 100...?

Anyway, blessed and thankful for the privilege of having celebrated this milestone with the ones I love!        


  1. Ag wonderlik Saar, so bly jou dag was lekker doer ver. Jy lyk nog net so stunning soos toe jy 20 was! Baie liefdes xxxx

    1. Ai, dankie, liefste Saar - jy's dierbaar! Waardeer jou so! xxxx


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