Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's racing month!

Wow, with January that has literally just flown by, it can mean only one thing: It's racing month!  My first half-marathon in almost two-and-a-half years is in exactly 18 days' time...  Eeeek!  But my preparation is going really well.  In fact, I've made some pretty good progress on all five of my running goals for 2017 so far - I can't wait to do an update post real soon!

As far as half-marathon training goes, I've been working hard on steadily increasing my long run distance throughout January.  It's been going well, and hopefully I'll be rounding it up this weekend with an 18 km long run.  I've also been recovering like a champ, chugging protein smoothies and immunity boosters post-long run, so for now, we're all healthy and it's all systems go!   

I've also been trying to do a bit of tempo work in between long runs since I'll be shooting for a PB on race day...  parkrun is perfect for this, although I must admit that my legs are quite sluggish with all those long runs in the bank!  But fast or not fast, parkrun is still a weekly highlight and with No. 86 done and dusted, I'm ever so slowly creeping closer to Club 100.

So here's hoping and praying for a rain-free long run day on Saturday, and a wind-free day on race day...  I'll keep you posted.

Happy running!



  1. That's so exciting! 18 days will fly by and race day will be here before you know it! Good luck, I will be looking for your race report

    1. Thanks so much, Christy! I think my brain still has to register that it has to run 21.1 km in less than three weeks, haha! But really looking forward to it :) .

  2. Saar, met daai tempo runs en baie vinnige 'LSDs" wag daar beslis n baie goeie PB vir jou, hoee hooooo! Goeie werk, ek sien baie uit sm met jou! Xxxx

    1. Ai, dankie liefste Saar! Nou's ek sommer EERS begeester! Sien baie uit :-) . Xxxx


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