Monday, 11 April 2016

Where Fun Only Happens When You Create It

We live in the kind of town where fun is rarely handed to you on a platter. You have to work for it. Concerts in the park? Unheard of. Leisurely strolls along the beach? What beach? Laid-back Sunday afternoon family outings to coffee gardens with lush, green lawns and children's play areas aplenty? Nope, none of those either. It stinks.

Sure, you can watch TV or surf the Internet until your head explodes, but where's the fun in that? How does that build memories or strengthen family bonds? The bottom line is that it doesn't. So we create our own fun.

Will worked this weekend, and while creating fun is a bit harder (and a lot more exhausting!) when flying solo as a parent, it's twice as necessary.  Trust me: We're Exhibit A when it comes to proving that frustration levels skyrocket when two toddlers and one adult are boxed in between four walls for too long. So we headed outside.  

First stop: Picnic supplies. Because someone is always hungry.

Next stop: A safe piece of African bush about 25 km outside of town. Why? Because we need to run: Mama for her sanity and the littles to burn off energy.   

Hill repeats done.  Mama is now (temporarily) sane.
Picnic time!  J Bear's belly is now (temporarily) full.  [Photo credit: Missy K!] 

Rooftop battlefield ballet. 

When one member of your party insists on peeking into the photo from afar...

More supplies from the kiosk!

And you know what? Our morning was perfect. Not a single tear shed or a single fight fought; plus memories galore. Who needs TV anyway...?!


  1. Great fun! Your kids are getting so big and beautiful as always.

    1. Thanks so much, Christy! Yip, time certainly is flying - I was astounded to find that I had to by 4-5 and 3-4 year old clothing this winter... How on earth did that happen?! :)

  2. Picnic's are the best ☺ looks like you had a great time.
    Thanks for linking in #ShowcaseTuesday

    1. They're always a winner :) . Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Looks like all had an amazing time! Picnics can be so much fun,you get to make the day what you want, and it s always an adventure! #ShowcaseTuesday

    1. Couldn't agree with you more, Allyson - and we LOVE little mini-adventures! Thanks for stopping by!


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