Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Pure Running Bliss {George parkrun Recap}

I'll always remember two things about George parkrun: 1) Its absolutely breathtaking route, and 2) its freakishly fast start - holy moly!  The one moment we were all idling around the starting line - little old ladies with taped-up knees, stick-legged youngsters with dogs on leashes, and veterans donning Club 100 shirts - and the next moment I heard "3-2-1-go!" and everyone, little old ladies included, flew off like bats out of hell.  I wish I could have seen my face at that moment...!    

The innocent-looking starting line.

I soon discovered why everyone was is such a hurry to get away: After a quick, lung-busting uphill, we entered a wonderland of pure running bliss.  The wide open grass field gave way to single-track snaking through a closed-canopy pine forest, with a carpet of pine needles underfoot and protruding roots to jump over.  I was completely blown away. 

Heading for the forest.  [Photo by Neels Blom.]

Pure running bliss.  [Photo by Nadia Bosch.]

But don't be fooled: Running in all that splendour comes at a cost...  The route is tough - my head had a really hard time convincing my legs not to cop out and take walking breaks.  I ended up finishing in 27:48 - 7th lady home and more than three minutes slower than my parkrun PB.  A challenging, but utterly satisfying run! 

And although my morning would have been perfect if it ended right there, it just kept getting better...

... and better...

You'll definitely see me again, George parkrun.  And next time I'll be ready for that flying start!


  1. Aaaaaaah lekker!! En mooi!! Dankie vir die deel, Serie, ons gaan hom maak! Xxxxxx

    1. Geniet hom baie, Saar - hy's LIEFLIK! xxxx

  2. What a beautiful parkrun! stunning!

    1. Definitely a favourite, Meg - highly recommended!


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