Monday, 7 March 2016

Easier at the coast? Nah. {Fish Hoek parkrun}

I've been wanting to do Fish Hoek parkrun for a while now - mostly because of it's reputation as being a toughie.  And I can promise you one thing: It certainly didn't disappoint.  It chewed me up and spat me out, ha!

Saturday morning was perfect for running: Cool (but not cold), cloudy and wind still.  I quietly sneaked out of the guest house at 07:30 with a goofy grin on my face - with Will and the kids still snoring away - and arrived at Fish Hoek parkrun to find a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, a sea of black Club 100 shirts and dogs - lots and lots of dogs...  Perfect!  

During the pre-run briefing it was announced that we were going to do the course in reverse in celebration of yet another Club 100 milestone achievement - oh, how I look forward to start celebrating those at Kimberley parkrun...!  And then we were off and the fun almost immediately began - with literally not 10 m of even-surfaced terrain anywhere to be found.  We hobbled over a grass field, fell into single file over some energy-sapping sand dunes, hobbled over the field again, and soon it was time for Loop No. 2 - a longer, 3 km loop that went, in part, through a residential area and over two wooden bridges.  A toughie indeed.       

Done!  I'm becoming quite an expert at shamelessly taking self-timer pics...

I clocked a 25:23 - second lady home and more convinced than ever that coastal runs really aren't that much easier than inland runs...  I was knackered!    

Miss K and J Bear welcomed me back at the guest house kitted out in their swimming trunks and weaponed with pool noodles - ready for an ice-cold splash in the pool.  The perfect way to end the perfect run.  

Thanks, Fish Hoek parkrun, for a fantastic event!


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