Friday, 18 December 2015

The Dawg is back

My cycling-crazy other half has a love/hate relationship with running.  Twenty-two months ago, almost to the day, he clocked a sub-50 minute 10 km without even giving it much thought: It was his second ever 10 km as an adult, sweltering hot outside and over a hilly course - and yet he rocked it.  Awe.

From February 2014.

But then life (read: cycling) got in the way and his running fitness dwindled, until I could, quite literally, run circles around him.  Boo.

Until this week, that is.  I casually asked Will if he felt like joining me and the kids for our weekly club time trial, and he agreed.  Being the family's designated stroller runner, I automatically assumed that I'd be running with the (double) stroller and that he'd be tottering along until he couldn't keep up any longer (it happens), but boy, was I in for a surprise...

After patiently running right behind me and the kids for the first kilometre, The Dawg showed up from out of nowhere, took over the stroller's reigns and set off like a lightning bolt.  I was juuuuust able to keep up, and kept asking if I should take over the stroller again, but The Dawg wouldn't have any of it.  He kept on speeding up, double stroller and all, until finally I just couldn't keep up any longer and was literally left in their dust.  Ouch.

I was astounded.  When...?  How...?  Not that any of that matters.  What matters, is that The Dawg is back - in a big, big way.  Perhaps I can tempt him with a Christmas Day parkrun...?



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