Monday, 30 November 2015

Pile on the Miles 2015: Weeks III and IV

And just like that November is almost over!  These past two weeks have been a blur of meetings, prize-givings and year-end functions, plus Will spent his annual week in Cape Town for training - let's just say that we can all do with a little break right now...!

But, in between all the end-of-year things, I also tried my best to rock my Pile on the Miles goals for 2015 - here's how I did:

Week III (16 - 22 November):

Monday       ---> Rest. 

Tuesday    ---> Rest.  I missed the weekly club time trial as a result of an after-hours work function. 

Wednesday  ---> Power Pump class.  It felt so great to get moving after back-to-back rest days!

Thursday     ---> 5 km early-morning game farm run.  I kind of dragged myself by the ears for this one and clocked a sad 30 minute 5 km...  I guess some days will always just be harder than others, right? 

Friday         ---> Rest.  I just didn't have a boot camp class in me.          

Saturday     ---> Pilates class.  It.  Was.  Amazing!  Lots of foam rolling and deep breathing and not so many lunges and squats.  Exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Sunday       ---> 6.75 km solo game farm run.  Will and the kids played at the game farm's kiddies play area while I ran a solo loop in 41 minutes - the perfect way to end the week!  

Week IV (23 - 29 November):

Monday       ---> Rest 

Tuesday      ---> 'The Grid' class.  A tough, but awesome interval class: Twenty seconds of burpees/jumping lunges/squats/etc. with 10 second rest breaks in between for a total of 50 minutes.  Eish!  
Wednesday to Friday  ---> Caught some kind of bug and took it easy from Wednesday to Friday.

Saturday     ---> parkrun!  Will slept in after his week in Cape Town, so I clocked a 26:14 solo parkrun.  Yikes, I'm getting slower by the week!  My body's definitely ready for a holiday too. 

Sunday       ---> After laying in until 08:00 a.m., Will and I decided to go for a (hot and sweaty!) family 5 km run.  This run was such a pleasant surprise after two weeks of less-than-stellar runs: I managed to clock a 30:21 5 km with both kids in the double stroller - whoop!  There is hope after all.

So although I didn't exactly knock my Pile on the Miles goals out of the park, I believe that some good did come out of participating:

  • It forced me to get back into a regular gym routine.  After four weeks of two classes per week, I'm definitely hooked again.  I've forgotten how good it feels to move in ways other than just running!
  • It taught me that four workouts a week is probably my limit for this chapter of my life - more than that and I just become stressed and over-tired.  I hear you, body!
  • I'm well on my way to logging 28 gym workouts before 10 January, and earning my R700 incentive!

Have a lovely week, everyone!  Not long before the holidays...!

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