Monday, 16 November 2015

Pile on the Miles 2015: Week II

And just like that we're into the second half of November - crazy, right?  I'm sad to report, though, that my second week of Pile on the Miles was very similar to my less-than-stellar Week I...  But, like my beautiful mom used to say: Look and learn.

Here's a reminder of the goals I set for November:

1.  Log three runs every week; and
2.  Log two strength training classes each week.

And here's how I did last week:

Monday       ---> Rest 

Tuesday      ---> Club Time Trail: 4 km in 23:09 - the hottest run of my life!  Man, I'm not a fan of summertime afternoon running.
Wednesday  ---> Power Pump class.  And I'm thrilled to report that things went a lot better than the previous week!  We did some single-leg squats with a weighted bar which I absolutely loved - such a challenging, satisfying move to conquer.

Thursday     ---> Rest 

Friday         ---> Bootcamp class.  This class once again kicked my butt: So.  Many.  Push-ups!  (Have you ever tried a "Spiderman push-up"?  Ouch.)         

Saturday     ---> parkrun!  Will was kind enough to watch the kiddos before he left for Jo'burg to do the 94.7 cycle race, so I clocked a 25:13 solo run.  A bit slower than my previous few parkruns - perhaps also the heat...? 

parkrun No. 40 for me!  [Photo by Stanley Harvey.]
Sunday       ---> And this is where the wheels came off - again.  After two husband-less, waterless days (our town's water supply was cut off for the weekend for some much-needed repair work) I just didn't have any energy or sense of humour left to spend on a run.  So a stroll around the neighbourhood with the kiddos had to do - again.  [Note to self: Do not schedule any runs for Sunday afternoons.]   

So that's 1.5 out of two for Week II too - ugh.  Some serious re-scheduling and working on my lazy Sunday afternoon attitude this week!

Have a lovely week, everyone!


  1. I used to set myself goals - like run a sub 3 hour marathon or get to the top of the Rankings over whatever distance - but I never, ever, followed any plan or schedules. Never mind Galloway or Higdon, I just did what I felt like doing on the day, and it worked fairly well.
    In my dotage I still do things on a day to day basis without a clue what tomorrow will bring. Which is probably why your Parkrun times are a lot quicker than mine!

    1. That is so interesting - and refreshing! - to hear, Gordon! I must confess that for me too following plans and schedules does tend to take some of the joy out of running, and turns it into something that HAS to be done instead of something that you simply WANT to do. But then again, a scheduled weekly tempo run (in the form of our club time trial) has definitely improved my times over the past year... Perhaps a combination of the two approaches is the answer...?

    2. I did tempo runs too Karien, and repetitions, pyramids, hill reps, track sessions, etc. but only on days when I felt like doing them rather than keeping to some written down plan. Oh, and a good number of rest days.
      A favourite from which I gained most benefit was an 8 mile fast/slow session - a slow warm up (9min/mile in those days) then a fast 6min/mile, and repeat four times. I can recommend it for anyone, adjusting times according to fitness and capability. Happy running...

    3. I love your approach. Will definitely try that workout!

    4. I like his approach too, I rarely follow a set plan. I just try to get in a long run, an interval workout and an easy run then if I am feeling good maybe a tempo type run or if I am feeling tired just another easy run.

    5. In this age of training programme overload I LOVE your approach. And it's obviously effective too - you and Gordon are both amazing runners!


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