Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A November Challenge!

I signed up for Run Eat Repeat's 2015 Pile on the Miles challenge - a fun challenge aimed at setting and achieving some active goals during the month of November.  Now even though Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in South Africa, and November therefore isn't traditionally known as a month of piling on weight for South Africans, this challenge is exactly what the doctor ordered to help me reach my goal of logging 28 gym workouts by 10 January 2016.  

My goals for November are simple:

1.  Log three runs every week; and
2.  Log two strength training classes each week.

I'm going for gold, ha!  

After Class No. 2.  Ho.  Ly.  Moly.

Seriously though, achieving these (simple) goals should set me up for a fit and healthy December (through incorporating regular strength work, which has pretty much been sporadic or absent post-babies), and will hopefully help me achieve success in my goal 10 km race for the year, which is on 5 December.  Plus it will get me closer to my R700 cash back from the gym, whoop!  (I plan on also doing an additional stretching/pilates/relaxing class each week, which will hopefully take my gym visits to three per week.)

So here goes...!  I'll be reporting back on my Pile on the Miles progress each Monday during November - stay tuned!  Or even better - why don't you join in too?

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