Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What parkrun PBs are made of... {Parys parkrun Recap}

So, our running getaway to Pretoria... It was a rough one, ha! But one for the books anyway.

Our weekend kicked off with a stopover in the delightful town of Parys in the Free State, on the banks of the Vaal River. The plan was to sleep over in Parys, do Parys parkrun on Saturday morning, and then merrily continue on our way to Pretoria... Which is exactly what happened, minus the sleep and the merriness, haha!  (I can laugh about it now...) 
After a long Friday night of sitting up with a poor, sick Missy K, we were all a bit lackluster on Saturday morning - so much so that we seriously considered cutting our trip short and heading right back home. We decided to get a professional opinion first, though, and scheduled a doctor's appointment for Miss K at 09:30 - the first available opening. That left us with just enough time for... you guessed it: Parys parkrun!

One of my favourite things about parkrun, in general, is the vibe, and for some mind-boggling reason the very same laid-back, friendly, welcoming vibe is present at each and every parkrun venue out there. And Parys parkrun is no exception - I felt right at home! The locals welcomed me with open arms and I even got a few "go, Kimberley!" cheers along the way. parkrun has a way of restoring one's faith in humanity - I love it.

Pre-run briefing on the banks of the Vaal River.  [Photo by Parys parkrun.]

The route is a lovely one right on the banks of the Vaal River - very different from our local Kimberley parkrun route, where there's not a drop of water in sight, ha! It takes you over some grassy banks and along gravel roads and paths - just the way I like it. 

I finished in 24:20 - a new parkrun PB! I must have been in a daze or something because I honestly don't know how I managed to clock a PB on two hours of sleep... I've been trying to clock a PB for months! But anyway - I'll take it.

parkrun PB, baby! [Photo by Parys parkrun.]
Six parkrun SA venues down, 57 (and counting) to go...!


  1. Congrats on the PB! Sorry to hear about the sick kiddy :(

    1. Thanks, Lisa!

      Payback for all those times when my brother and I used to get sick just as we were about to go on our family holidays growing up... :)

  2. I hope that she is ok now.
    Congrats on the PB. I think the same about the Parkruns, I love that kind of races but unfortunately they are "unknown" in Italy.

    1. Thanks, Stefano! She's doing a lot better - very grateful!


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