Thursday, 3 September 2015

Two fairies and a 1:28 5 km

At Miss K's post-Parys parkrun doctor's visit we got the all-clear to continue onwards to Pretoria, hooray!

We got to the starting line of the 2015 Spar Women's Race with literally seconds to spare.   [Now, "getting there" sounds pretty simple, but actually involved spending 30 minutes searching for a non-existing parking spot amidst thousands of other latecomers; getting dressed in the great, wide open, all crouched up behind the car door, ducking and diving to avoid the eyes of the circling media helicopter; getting my bum caught in a prickly weed bush and pulling prickles out of my flesh until bath time that evening; and trying to convince my (very stubborn) fellow fairy that running shoes, not flip flops, would be the best shoe choice for the occasion.  Phew.]

My little fellow fairy tucking into her race loot.

If you've never been to the Spar Women's Race in Pretoria, you should know that it's huge.  Massive, actually.  Entries are capped at 25 000 and my guess is that the majority of entrants participate - it literally is a sea of pink (the race colour varies every year).  Miss K and I took a whole 25 (twenty-five!) minutes to cross the starting line (see the video clip below) - the time it usually takes me to run a whole 5 km...!  

Having started at the back of the 5 km field, the route was crowded for pretty much the entire course.  We literally shuffled the entire 5 km distance at a snail's pace - there simply wasn't an opportunity for the field to spread out enough to free up some running space.  I must say that navigating the stroller through the pink masses was quite a task - I was exhausted by the time we reached the finish line, ha!    

Finishing in a sea of pink.

We finished in 1:28 (including the 25 minutes it took us to cross the starting line) - pretty much the slowest 5 km in the history of mankind.  But, as always, it was one of the best, most fun races of the year for me (and now us!).  Miss K loved walking with all the other moms and daughters and, of course, she adores her pink medal and massive goody bag. 

I'm not too sure that it's the best race to do with a toddler, though; especially the 5 km distance option (there is a 10 km option too): It is extremely crowded and reaching the finish line takes a really long time (since there is no real running room if you start at the back), which can get a bit tiresome for the little ones.  Perhaps we'll try again in a few years' time, when Miss K is a bit older and we can tackle the 10 km together (which, in my experience, has plenty of running room if you line up towards the front).  And hopefully we'll all be healthy then...!

Thanks, Missy K - you're the best fellow fairy anyone could ask for!



  1. I saw some photos from the helicopter and it was just pink everywhere. As long as you had fun. Well done for doing that with the stroller!

    1. Thanks, Johann! It was crazy hard to try and avoid running over the pink sea of heels in front of us, haha!

  2. Haha PR for slowest time - still a PR! :P Glad you had fun.

  3. Ahh LOVE this! I couldn't remember the date it was scheduled for, but I had a feeling I missed the recap, so I knew I had to go searching for the cute duo. :) I have a feeling you and miss K will get a chance to do that race again and she'll love it just as much!

    1. Awwww, I hope so, Hailey! And next time we'll be healthy, line up towards the front and run our hearts out! :)


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