Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Cape Town Marathon Coffee Date III: Feed Me!

After four weeks of being in full-on marathon mode, my stomach has officially morphed into a bottomless pit - somebody feed me!  I'm hungry all.  of.  the.  time.  We're still trying to keep it as healthy as possible, though - anyone else out there who gets immense satisfaction out of buying (and devouring!) a trolley full of fresh, colourful produce?  We're so into strawberries right now - yum!

My long run went well last week - no mid-run bathroom stops, hallelujah!  But let's not kid each other: 18 km is far.  And a marathon is even further...  Hopefully I'll be ready.  

18 km in 01:54 - boom!
Will decided, of course, that, in exchange for his brand new electric blue birthday shoes, he'd give me a cold.  Thanks, Honey.  It appears that the worst is over, though, so hopefully it'll be all systems go for this weekend's long run.  And until then there's a whole lot of foam rolling and (higher grade) planking going on...

Value-added planking.

Seven weeks to go!  

(Did I mention that today is COOKIE day??)           


  1. Enjoy the cookie day!
    A solid 18 km: congrats, you are on the right way for a good marathon.

    1. Thanks so much, Stefano - I really appreciate it! And that cookie was GLORIOUS!! :)

  2. So many colds in your family! Enjoy the cookies and good luck with the training this weekend :)

    1. Ugh, Lisa, I really take great care to try and stay healthy, but with Will working in a hospital and Miss K in playgroup, there's always plenty of germs going round... But I trust that this is the last one of the season - summer is on its way!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jeanette! I'm SO frustrated right now, but what can you do, right? :(


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