Friday, 17 April 2015

Testing... Testing...

With the change of season that is upon is (helloooooo, Winter!), it's time to once again spruce up the old running routine.  Our weekend runs are still pretty much unaffected, but with the decrease in daylight time, it's becoming increasingly hard to fit in pre- and post-workday runs during the week.  And for some reason I've recently developed a (really) strong aversion to treadmill runs - I want to be outside.

Lunchtime runs worked really well for us last winter, but then again our circumstances were also very different then: We lived in a different city, and Will worked mostly from home and could keep an eye on J Bear or pick up Miss K from playgroup while I ran.  I guess it's time to get creative, right?

One of the huge perks of our new home is that it's fairly close to everything: The shops, Will's work and Miss K's playgroup.  And with fairly close I mean within running distance - are you thinking what I'm thinking...?  So I recently tested out the following winter running routine:

I started my lunch break with an empty stroller and a lunchpack for Will...

Then ran to the playgroup to fetch Miss K...  (She was very impressed with her ride for the day, by the way!)

The two of us then ran to Will's work to drop off his lunchpack...  (He could obviously simply take his lunchpack to work with him in the mornings, but running to his work adds a bit of distance to our run, plus Miss K loves seeing her dad for a quick midday hello.)

And after sneaking a quick bite from Dad's sandwiches, we ran back home.

The whole trip covered about 4.3 km and we both (and Will too!) loved it!  I was initially a bit concerned about the safety (traffic-wise) of one of the sections of the route, but discovered this neat little (safe) detour at exactly that spot - hooray!

Our little traffic-free detour.
The verdict?  Success!  I think we have a keeper!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I have to hand it to - that's creative!

    1. I haven't been able to get a run in this week, Heather, and was becoming SO frustrated and grumpy! And the mid-day break to get up from behind the computer and get some fresh air feels really good! :)

  2. Glad you have found the solution! You never give up, you always find the right way to run.
    I always follow the same routine, if I have to go to the office I run at 07.00 a.m. if I have a day off I run at 09.30/10.00 a.m. (but not in summer, too hot).

    1. I think once our kids are a bit older, like yours, we'll also be able to settle into a more predictable running schedule. But for now, it's one big adventure, haha!

  3. As I've probably said a million times before, I love the dedication and creativity! You go, girl :)

  4. I bet that does feel good and a fun way to bring Will his lunch. The detour looks beautiful!

    1. I'm a bit concerned what will happen next year, when J Bear goes to playgroup too (they've not been loving double stroller runs lately...), but I guess we'll just have to make a new plan when we get there... For now we're just going to enjoy this plan :) !


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