Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A dream come true... {Kimberley parkrun Recap}

Seven months ago, I arrived in Kimberley - sad, frustrated, and facing a never-ending string of settling-in challenges. Will had just started a new job, the kids were struggling to adjust to their new surroundings, and I was missing the very happy and peaceful existence that we had back in Bloemfontein. I missed our old neighbourhood, our friends, our nanny, and I missed my weekly Naval Hill parkrun fix - I was a sad, sad mama.

Fast forward seven months and things are thankfully looking up! Will has settled into his new job, Miss K loves her new playgroup and J Bear adores his new nanny - can someone do a happy dance?! I've joined a new running club and met some fantastic people, I've rediscovered the joy of regular cake-and-movie dates with besties Tanya and Annemarie, and this past weekend was the icing on the cake (drum roll and bated breath, please): The inaugural Kimberley parkrun, whooooooooooooooooop!

After six months of meetings, site visits, e-mails flying back and forth, and more meetings, the dream has finally come true. And it was the perfect day: Cloudy and cool, but not rainy, with the best of the best Northern Cape sunrises in the background; the group of volunteers calmly chatting and setting up; parkrun SA Country Manager, Bruce Fordyce and his lovely wife, Gill, stealing hearts wherever they went; the contagious enthusiasm of the delightful parkrun tourists; and the locals showing up in their masses. My heart sang.

No better view on a warm-up run.  [Photo by Corne Pretorius.]

Setting up.  [Photo by Corne Pretorius.]

And they're off!  [Photo by Corne Pretorius.]

One hundred-and-fifty-seven runners and walkers crossed the finish line on Saturday - some having travelled almost 1 000 km to get there. But it wasn't by any means the numbers that made this event such a personal highlight. For me the best part of this entire experience has been seeing and experiencing the dedication and enthusiasm of everyone involved in the project - it has completely blown me away. Every, single person involved went above and beyond what was asked of them to put together something that I hope and trust will become a weekend highlight for many Kimberlites.    

A dream come true.  [Photo by Corne Pretorius.]

And as for Kimberley?  I think I'm starting to like it here...!         



  1. Yay! SO happy for you, Karien! I know how much your love your park runs, and it's so nice to see that you'll be able to have them at home now and I'm excited to hear about your future park runs there! You and all of those involved should be so proud to have put together something so wonderful for the community :)

    1. Thanks so much, Hailey! I don't think this smile is going to leave my face any time soon... :) Already so excited for next weekend! (And the next, and the next, and the next, haha!)

  2. So glad that you had a fabulous event and are settling into your town. I also felt a bit lost when I first came to Joburg but it's home now. And organising the momblogmeetup was just amazing. We both have a lot to be thankful for.

    1. Thanks, Heather! And yes, we absolutely do :) .


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