Monday, 9 February 2015

As happy as a little kid

I had an unexpectedly brilliant day on Saturday - don't you just love when that happens?

The plan was for Will to do a century ride with the guys, while the kids and I run a local 5 km race with the double stroller (which would have been tons of fun too!), but a nasty cold forced him to stay at home and gave me the opportunity to fly solo at a local 10 km race instead.  

The race was our provincial 10 km championships, but since races in our part of the world are few and far between, runners of all abilities were encouraged to enter.  The turnout ended up being pretty good too, with 101 runners of all shapes and abilities lining the streets on race day - yay! 

The starting line.  [Photo by Vodacom Kimberley Road Runners, who hosted the event.]

It was actually a bit premature for me to be racing a 10 km, since I spent the last month or two focusing on shorter, faster runs, and neglecting the longer distances.  But I was so curious to see if my tempo runs are paying off yet, so I just had to give it a go.  I lined up towards the front of the field (behind the racing snakes, ahem), and was thankful for a familiar route - I could literally just switch on auto pilot (no searching for little red-and-white route markers) and go, go, go! 

After a quick route briefing and a prayer, we were off.  I started off at a fast (for me), but manageable pace (more or less my tempo run pace for the past few weeks), but got a bit of a fright when I peeped at my watch and saw that I was running a sub-5 minute/km first kilometre...  Oops!  Too fast, too soon, Girl!  So I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

Kilometre two was a bit more under control, with my pace hovering just above 5 minutes/km, and after that I felt comfortable enough to pick up the pace just a little bit and keep it there until Kilometre 7.  I anticipated that I wouldn't be able to hold a sub-5 minute/km pace for the entire 10 km, since my longest tempo run at a similar pace had only measured 4 km, but dang, I tried my hardest!

Race splits.

As you can see, my pace started dropping after 7 km and although I sped up a little for Kilometres 9 and 10, I just wasn't able to dip under 5 minutes/km again.  I am, however, thrilled with my final time of 50:23 - a new 10 km PR, woohoo!  (My previous 10 km PR of 51:17 stood for more than four years.)  

Post-race, all kitted out in my new club gear.
Although I missed a sub-50 minute finish time, which I've been dreaming of for so long, I'm beyond ecstatic with a new PR and the progress that is happening.  For the first time ever I feel like a sub-50 minute 10 km is actually a possibility (perhaps towards the end of the year?) if I put in the hard work.  And, guess what?  Since it was a circle route, I had no idea of my placement until the race results were posted on the Internet, buuuuuut: I finished under the Top 5 women!!  Move over, Jo Pavey, haha!    

First five ladies.

Thrilled, thankful and happy like a little kid.  Man, I love running!


  1. Ek had nou al 2 keer ellelange lofliedere gesing in comment hier en die kampater vreet net my woorde op. Ek gaan more weer probeer. Ek se net solank HOEGAAAAI! XXX

    1. Dankie virrie HOEGAAAAI, Serie, en vir die opgevrete lofsange - waardeer dit so baie! Na Saterdag WEET ek ook sonder enige twyfel dat jy komende Saterdag 'n sub-50 kan hol - ek hou al my duime en vingers vas!! xxxx

    2. SaRa, jou tyd is dan eintlik 50.13?! Daai ekstra sekondes was die 30m wat jy te lank gehol het??? Dis verby fantasties! Ek dink as jy daai een split van 4.43 bietjie stadiger gemaak het was jy loshande onder 50min.
      Dankie vir die deel, ek het so lekker saamgemaak!! Dis so lekker as harde werk begin wys. Jys n groot inspirasie, hoor! Xxxx

    3. Ek het gesien die amptelike tyd is minder as my Garmin-tyd - is nie mooi seker watter een om as PR te vat nie?? Het maar gedink ek vat die Garmin-tyd omdat ek nie mooi seker is waar daardie ekstra 10 sekondes heen verdwyn het nie...

      Jy's reg - my pacing kon beter gewees het. Dink die 4.43 split was met 'n geleidelike afdraande - sal volgende keer fokus om daar 'n bietjie krag te spaar vir die opdraandes.

      Lekker hol Saterdag - ek maak innie gedagtes saam! xxxx

  2. Whooo congrats!! You can totally hit a sub-50. The time will come :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! For the first time ever I feel like a sub-50 is actually a possibility... Some consistent speed work throughout the year and we'll see...! :)

  3. That's GREAT, Karien! What a fantastic PR :). Sub-50 is totally a possibility for you! I bet you can even dip into the low 49's by the end of the year too. Hehe. You did this without really specifically training for it and look what happened! I'm so happy for you! It's going to be a great year for you :)

    1. Thanks so much, Hailey - eeeeeeek! :) Who would have thought that tempo runs will make such a huge difference, right?? So happy to have running friends like all of you who share in the happiness!! :)


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