Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Something old, something new...

I've been an Asics Nimbus girl for years now.  Years.  After fumbling about with a few brands, I discovered the Nimbus back in 2009-ish (?) and loved it right away: It had enough support (I heel-strike, boo) and was really comfy.  I bought and ran in the 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s and 14s (missing the 13s and 15s because I was pregnant when they were launched) and can honestly say that I loved all of them (with the 14s being my favourite, looks and comfort-wise).

The 11s.

The 13s.

The 14s.  My favourites.

And then, at the end of 2013, just before Baby J's birth, I won a pair of New Balance 1080v4's in an online competition.  Let's face it: They aren't the most beautiful shoes on the planet, but, hey, they were free and they suited my foot type (neutral), so I decided to give them a try.  

Initially I just used them for short neighbourhood runs while getting back in shape after J's birth, but soon I noticed that they were really comfy with more than enough toe room (for some weird reason I need lots of toe space).  Even more so than my beloved Nimbus - uhm, what?!  I was still hesitant to use them for longer runs, though, because I knew that a) I heel-strike like a champ and b) In the past only the Nimbus provided enough cushioning to prevent heel pain.  But I soon found myself reaching for them instead of the Nimbus for increasingly longer runs because of the comfort factor - with zero heel pain.  Hmmmmm.   

Not the prettiest pair on the block, but really comfy.

When the time came to decide which shoe to wear for the recent Fish River Half-Marathon, I didn't even hesitate for a second before choosing the New Balance 1080s.  I did all my long training runs leading up to the half in them and couldn't see how running the race in them would be wrong.  And I was right - I had an amazing race, with zero discomfort or heel pain.  Yay!

In fact, I've come to love them so much that I've decided to purchase the 1080v5s once they're launched in S.A. instead of the recently released Nimbus 16s...  Whoa.  That's quite something in my little running world.  I guess this is a very good example of how online competitions should ideally end...?

Now let's just hope the 1080v5s are better looking...

Do you religiously stick to one brand of running shoes, or do you try different brands?  Have you ever accidentally stumbled across a perfect-for-you make or model of shoe, like I have?


  1. I need plenty of toe room, too. I have some favorites in different brands because I've branched out in recent years. It's great when you find some running shoes that you like!

    1. I'm always hesitant to try out new brands, especially if I have something that works well, because I really, really don't want to deal with any funny injuries caused by new shoes...! I guess this whole experience has taught me to lighten up a little - finding one shoe that works well doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't any others that can do the job equally well or even better!

  2. I found that the Asics GT-2000 series work really well for me, so I avoid all other shoes haha. I'm glad you found ones that work just as well/better! I'm too paranoid to do that haha.

    1. I'm exactly the same, Lisa - I would never have tried a new brand if they weren't for free...! But now I'm kind of wondering what else is out there that is also good/better that what I'm using...

  3. Interessant, Saar! Ek is maaaal oor NB, juis oor ek ook n toondilema het, en NB is die enigste brand wat n nouer en n wyer skoen het (ook vir kinders). Maar een NB is nie een NB nie (soos onse ouma sou se...) Ek het die all terrains sowel as die 1080s. In all terrain dra ek die D (wyer een) en in 1080 die nouer B. En nou skielik het ek een blou toonnael na die Lucky Star in die 1080s - my EEN toon is te lank (die 2e toon links!!) So dis nou ek en die Kaap en 1080V5....

    1. Agge nee, Serie - sleg oor die blou nael! Ek het nie eers geweet van die D en die B nie - destyds met die kompetisie het ek net gevra vir 'n 6.5 en hierdie lieflike, wye skoene het hier aangekom. Seker dan die D's? Ek dink ek sal dan maar inelkgeval die D vat in die 1080v5's - daar kan om een of ander rede nooooooit te veel toonspasie vir hierdie voete van my wees nie... Hoop regtig net hulle lyk 'n bietjie beter - soe, die 4's is vir my lelik...! Laat weet as jy hulle kry in die Kaap - hulle shal sheker eeGs volgende jaar hier in Kimmerlie aankom... xxxx


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