Friday, 17 October 2014

Everyday Running Heroes: Edwin Kibet

One of the things that fascinate me most about running and runners, is how we're all so different and come from such diverse backgrounds and places, and yet so many of our running stories are in essence the same.  I love that.  

Today I want to introduce you to Edwin Kibet (32), a fellow runner, husband and father of three kids aged 8, 6 and three weeks, who hails from Mt Elgon in Kenya.  Edwin and I bumped into each other on dailymile and I've been following his training in complete awe - this man can run!  He started running in 2009 and clocks weekly mileage that I can only dream of...  Here's what Edwin has to say about life and running in Kenya's Rift Valley:

Edwin Kibet.  [Photo from dailymile.]

Running the Race (RtR): Why do you run/love running?
Edwin Kibet (EK): I run for a better life.

RtR: Are there any obstacles that you have had to overcome or that you are still overcoming in order to be able to run?  If yes, how do you overcome these obstacles?
EK: Yes, my family and I live here in a nature reserve.  We will overcome all problems just because of God's power.  There are hard times, because I am responsible for many things here where we live, but it will be better when God answers our prayers.

RtR: What are your current running goals/dreams?
EK: To break the world record and to raise up disadvantaged young athletes in Mt Elgon, Kenya. 

Edwin and his training group running together.  [Photo courtesy of Edwin Kibet.]

RtR: Please give us a short summary of your current running routine?
EK: Weekday morning sessions are usually high paced middle distance runs (15 km) with an easy evening 10 km run.  Weekend long runs are generally 35 km at a moderate pace and finishing well.

Post-run.  [Photo courtesy of Edwin Kibet.]

RtR: Any tips for men and women out there who want to start running, but feel that they are too slow/overweight/”unathletic”?
EK: I would like to tell anybody who would like to start running that running is not hard or easy, but if you love it, you will be a runner.  You can start with short distances, even 3 km every morning.

Thank you so much, Edwin, for sharing your story with us.  We wish you, your family and your athletes in Mt Elgon all the best, and we trust that you will get that race win that you're working so hard for!


  1. Interesting interview. I like to know the runners' stories.

    1. Thanks, Stefano. I also love hearing other runners' stories - fascinating to see how we're all so different, yet so much the same.

  2. I loved this! I never get tired of hearing running stories. It's so fascinating to see another perspective for something we all have in common:) great interview and questions Karien!:)

    1. So glad you enjoyed the interview, Hailey! I love Edwin's answer to the question "why do you run?". In his case winning a big race will literally allow him to improve his circumstances and living conditions, but don't we all run for a better life in some way or another? Better health, less stress, a better quality of life, more confidence...? Running is so universal - love it!


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