Friday, 25 April 2014

We won!

In addition to recreating the Two Oceans Marathon (#OMTOM) weekend right here at home last weekend, we had a fun little side project going on: The Tsogo Sun group of hotels hosted a photo competition on their social media channels, where 12 lucky winners could each win a weekend's stay at one of four of their fabulous hotels.  And the best part?  The competition was all about running and #OMTOM - right up our alley!

The Tsogo Sun group was appointed as the official accommodation partner of the #OMTOM in 2014, and from what I could see on Twitter, they went all out to treat runners and their families and friends like royalty during race weekend.  Think super-early, runner-focused breakfasts on race day, special help-yourself fuelling stations, "You did it" banners upon return to the hotel after the race, and the list goes on.  True story.

But back to the photo competition: Since we weren't at the race and couldn't snap a selfie of us mid-#OMTOM, we entered the "Pretending to be at #OMTOM"-category.  K is all about painting right now, so of course she helped making the props...  [Very (very) messy] Fun!!

Painting some sunshine.

Poor Will definitely didn't know what he let himself in for when he married this mama...  Some will find the number of goofy, staged pictures he has had to pose for in the past 6 years mind numbing (I just find it fun).  But he's such a sport - my detailed instructions are usually met with enthusiasm rather than eye-rolls.  Usually.

So here's the final product, which won us a weekend's stay at the Southern Sun Newlands hotel - yeeehaah!  

K is like: "Weirdos".

And the prize is valid for a year, so guess what?  We're coming for you, #OMTOM 2015!


  1. Ha. I love it! Very creative. I know you wanted to be able to be at the race this year, but I'm sure this makes up for it a little ;). Think of all the fun you're going to have next year!

    1. Ooooooh, Hailey, I can't wait!!! I've already checked the website to see what the dates are for next year... And of course the dates haven't been released yet, seeing that the race was only last weekend... Can you say Eager Beaver, lol?!

    2. lol! I've done that same thing. Maybe races should be planned our YEARS ahead of time to eliminate this problem ;)


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