Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Post-Pregnancy Update: Month 4

J Bear is turning 4 months old this week!  Although this past month has physically been the hardest one for me since his birth (I may or may not have accidentally spritzed my face with foot spray instead of toner on more than one occasion...), I'm absolutely loving the phase we're in.  J is slowly but surely becoming aware of his surroundings and I love experiencing all the new and exciting stuff through his eyes.  He's definitely not a tiny little newborn anymore!   

Running: Although our running is physically going well (my body feels fine and we're slowly getting back to pre-pregnancy mileage and a faster pace), I found it really, really tricky to make time for running this month.  Will and the kids were all sick, so I wasn't keen on taking K out in the cold with me, but I also didn't want to leave poor, sick Will to watch the two kiddos alone.  I did manage to sneak in a few, shortish runs, though, and they were great.  Hopefully things will be easier now that all of us are more or less healthy again.  

Doing everything in our power to prevent J Bear from getting sick...

In other news: Since the untimely death of my Garmin a week or so ago, I've sadly strayed quite a bit from my running programme.  The programme is very detailed in terms of interval times and paces and I found trying to stick to those without a Garmin to be quite a nightmare.  I'm not sure how others run so happily with their phones (am I missing something?!), but I keep having to slow down or stop completely in order to see how many seconds/minutes have passed and whether it's time to speed up again...  Not a fan.  At least I'm running, which is the main thing, but I'm definitely making slower progress without the programme.

Pregnancy weight loss: After losing a mere 500 g last month, things thankfully kicked up a notch again this month with a loss of 1.3 kg.  That brings my total pregnancy weight loss to date to 14.4 kg - only 2 kg to go, whoop!

Baby J: Still the cuddliest bear on the block!  I love how he's starting to interact with things and people around him, especially Big Sis K.  Fascinating how the two of them communicate and enjoy each other, even at this young age - love it!

K "phoning Grandpa" and Bouncy Bear J.

This will be our final post-pregnancy update, seeing that things are pretty much getting back to normal running-wise.  I will, however, shout it from the rooftops let you know as soon as I've parted with all the pregnancy weight - hopefully soon!   


  1. Good to see you are all doing so well. The 4 months went so quick! I'm glad I just train for distance so I never look at my watch while running. I record my time and everything but only look at it when I stop.

    1. The time really did fly...!

      My broken Garmin has taught me just how dependent I've become on that little gadget... I'm having to learn again to run just for the love of running, which is sometimes a good thing...!

  2. Glad you guys are all better now! I have no clue how other people take their phones with them either. I've had to take mine a few times while running on my own for safety reasons, but I'm not a fan of carrying it either. I nominated you for the Liebster Award if you're interested you can check it out on my blog! :)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one not keen on running with a phone... :)

      Thanks so much for the Liebster nomination - I really enjoyed reading all your answers! My post will be up soon :) .


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