Monday, 6 January 2014

See Will Run

Is Will still running...?  YOU BET!  *Writer does the Funky Chicken.*  

He's gone from run/walking (and huffing and puffing) a 5 k...

          To running 8 kays non-stop...

                    To doing hill repeats with K and the stroller!  Whoop!

Now if I can only convince him to buy a nice new technical t-shirt to train in...  I suggested switching his old (make that ancient), cotton t-shirt for a new technical one the other day.  His reply?  "This t-shirt (i.e. the ancient cotton one) is very technical".  I give up.  At least he's running, right ;)?


  1. That shirt looks OK to me, and if its good enough to do hill repeats with a stroller why waste money on another?
    Best wishes to all of you....have a great 2014.

    1. Will will love your comment - now he'll never buy a technical shirt, lol!

      Abundant blessings for you for 2014!

  2. I found the cotton t-shirts very technical until the day I tried a real technical. But I love my old cotton items and I wear them before and after the races.

    1. Perhaps I should give him a (real) technical shirt as a gift, just to let him feel the difference during training?


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