Monday, 13 January 2014

Post-Pregnancy Update: Month 1

Baby J is exactly one month old today - where on earth did the time go?!  Through grace and lots of prayer I can honestly say that this new chapter in our family's life has been going so well - we're extremely grateful and blessed.  Of course there's a lack of sleep, and on some a lot of days I only get to shower at 8 p.m., but between myself, Will and our dear nanny, we've been putting in a team effort to try and limit the sleep deprivation (and associated stinky attitudes) to a minimum.  Here's how this month has been going:       
Baby J: J is such a peaceful and happy baby - oh, and hungry...!  He's gained almost 1 kg since birth, and he's grown a whole 4 cm - just like a little beanstalk.  K adores her new brother and often holds his hand or showers him with kisses - I can't wait to watch the two of them play someday soon!      

Running: I'll hopefully get the green light to start running again either 6 or 8 weeks after J's birth, the first of which is only two weeks away...!  Currently I'm trying to go for a walk with K (and sometimes J in the single stroller) at least once a day, but our walks are still short and slow.  To be completely honest, I'm actually thankful that I'm not allowed to run just yet: I still find the logistics involved in getting everyone (those running and those staying behind) ready for a run quite daunting!  I guess I'll just have to jump in and find a way to make it happen when the time comes.     

K and J before a walk.

Pregnancy weight loss: I've lost 11.4 kg of the 16.4 kg that I gained during pregnancy so far.  I realise that most of this weight loss was just "baby weight" (baby, placenta, etc.) - it basically came off by itself once I returned to pre-pregnancy portion sizes and cut out impromptu chocolate days - but I'm still thankful for the progress made.  The hard work (i.e. getting rid of those last few kilos) starts now!    

What an amazing adventure and blessing this is - thankful, thankful, thankful!


  1. Baby J doesn't appear to be suffering any sleep deprivationj! Wonderful pictures and glad everything is going OK. You'll soon be hitting the trail again....Cheers!

    1. I think he's the only one in the household who can't complain about a lack of sleep at this stage, haha! :)

  2. Great job on the weight loss! I hope you get the green light at your next appointment :)
    Also- that the bay gets a good sleep pattern. A full night's rest really helps so much for parents. Hard to believe a month has passed!
    Small Town Runner

  3. Oh! He is precious my friend! I had to back track so I could see him! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Shannon! And he's the friendliest, sweetest little teddy bear - love him to bits! x


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