Thursday, 7 November 2013

Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

Only one month to go!

Symptoms: I'm feeling better now than I have during this entire pregnancy - so thankful!  No swelling; no heartburn; and I sleep well at night.  I even have a bit of energy!  *Beaming smile*      

Baby: We recently had our 32 week sonar and the doctor is still very satisfied with everything.  J's growth has slowed down a bit (he now measures 1.5 weeks ahead vs. 3 weeks at our previous sonar), so perhaps he won't be a big baby after all.

I've also finished all of our baby and hospital shopping (who knew that finding hospital pyjamas would be such a mission?!) and washed all J's stuff.  All that's left to do now, is pack our hospital bags...!

Blue washing :) .

Running: K and I are still doing our 2 km neighbourhood walks most mornings before work and I must say that it does wonders for my state of mind - perhaps that's why I've been feeling so good lately?  We're definitely going to try to keep this up until as close as possible to J's birth.   

Weight gain: I've gained a total of 13.5 kg (29.7 pounds) to date - still within the recommended pregnancy weight gain of between 12 and 15 kg.  Maybe, just maybe I'll stay within the guidelines this time around...? 

Food aversions/cravings: I been having a thing for coconut lately...  Who on earth has a thing for coconut?!  Not sure if it's pregnancy related, but I want coconut in and on everything.  I'm even sprinkling it on my cereal in the mornings - yum!  

In other news, our blender has died - a sad, sad day in the Running the Race household.  No more daily choc-peanut butter smoothies for this mama...  *Wipes a tear* 

Bump pic: A random stranger stopped me to ask how far along I was this past weekend.  When I told her that I was almost 34 weeks pregnant, she looked very surprised and exclaimed that I was carrying soooo small...!!  Bless her heart :) .  And then, three days later, another random stranger asked me how far along I was, and when I replied 34 weeks, she said that it looked more like 36 weeks...  Ha!  [As you can see, pregnancy is an excellent way to start conversations about the way your body looks with complete strangers.  Just in case you were wondering]. 

34 weeks.

Only one more month until we meet our son!!


  1. I can't attest to pregnancy cravings ha, but I LOVE coconut! I will have to try it on my cereal :)

    1. Ooooooh, you should! We get toasted organic coconut flakes here in South Africa - you'll never want to eat your cereal without it again :) !


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