Monday, 4 November 2013

Of walking and flying

I'm not a huge fan of walking.  Not sure exactly why, but I'd much rather run.  I love the feeling of being dog tired, but satisfied after a killer hill session.  Or gasping for air after a challenging tempo run.  But walking?  Meh.  It doesn't give you that.  It's sort of like eating your veggies - you know it's good for you, but you can't always feel or see any immediate results.  I like feeling results.  The gasping, panting, sweating kind.

And now I'm pregnant with J and guess what?  I can't run.  Sigh.  So I walk.  And guess what else (shhhhhh)?  I kind of like it.  The physical benefits of our daily 2 km waddles are debatable (we don't go very far and we certainly don't go very fast), but boy, oh boy, the mental benefits are undeniable.  There's just something about getting out there first thing in the morning and moving that changes your perspective.  Not sure if it's the fresh air, the pumping blood or the feeling of accomplishment at 06:00 a.m., but I like it.  And I strongly recommend it.  So if you can't run, walk.  Just move.  Your mind will thank you.  Mine certainly does.

Having an amazing walking buddy also helps, of course.

                                               *          *          *

Will, on the other hand, prefers to fly.  He completed his first goal race of the season - the Mangaung OFM Classic over 106 km - in 2:35 this weekend.  It was one of those cycling races where everything just came together for him: The weather was perfect, he felt rested and ready, and he had no mid-race technical glitches.  So thankful and so happy!  Goooo, Will!

K taking post-race re-hydration very seriously :) .

Wishing you a blessed and healthy week!

As a runner, how do you feel about walking? 


  1. Lovely photos!!
    I walk to make running work better- I would rather run non-stop, but certain conditions demand it.
    The mental benefits are totally worth it as a mom to do any exercise you can. It's what keeps me sane!

    1. Our 2 km waddles are definitely keeping me sane too at the moment, lol!

  2. I walk quite often on the trails but in the road i'm no fan at all. I do know it is very good for me though.

    1. True - I've also had to walk some parts of most of the trail races I've done. Those koppies are steeeeep! :)


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