Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Phew, what a busy, busy time of year!  I must admit that, in between the work deadlines and -travels and an array of year-end functions, open days and other late-year responsibilities, I sometimes feel like a (very pregnant and plump) little hamster, trying its best to keep up with a rapidly revolving hamster wheel...  And every now and again I take a spectacular tumble inside that wheel, get bumped and tumbled this way and that, just to get up and continue shuffling again.  Ha!

Symptoms: Sho, my bump is big!  People actually gasp in amazement when they hear I still have almost two months to go :) .  But I can honestly say that discomfort (and a bump!) is the only symptom  that I currently have.  Oh, and I get tired very quickly, but I do think that that is still iron-related.  Once I focus on my iron intake, I always feel better.  Still no heartburn, swelling (I still very comfortably wear my wedding ring), etc.      

Baby: We saw J again at our 28 week sonar (love seeing that little face!), and the doctor is very satisfied with everything.  She says that J is a big baby - at 28 weeks he was already over 1.5 kg and measuring 3 weeks ahead!  Looks like Grandpa Gerrie and Uncle Riaan's genes may be prominent this time :) .

I finished (most of) our baby shopping last weekend - we literally only needed a few bits and bobs after being so abundantly blessed at our baby shower.  We were also spoilt with a wonderful bag full of amazing baby stuff from our medical aid this week - yay!

Thanks, Discovery!

Running: Still taking it very easy and only walking.  Drooling over everyone's tweets and status updates on the Gun Run, Nike We Run Jozi and Jhb Spar Women's Race last weekend!!   

Weight gain: I've gained a total of 12.5 kg (27.5 pounds) to date.    

Food aversions/cravings: Thankfully my sweet cravings are a thing of the past, phew!  Looking back, they make much more sense now: J had a huge growth spurt between our 24 and 28 week sonars - even the doctor was amazed at his growth.  But we're more or less back to normal food choices now. 

Bump pic: ;) 

Less than two months until we meet Baby J!


  1. Healthy and all good! All the best with the last few weeks!

  2. You look great!! I've started getting the same reactions when I tell people I have two months left. Makes me wonder if they really know what a pregnant woman is supposed to look like at 8/9 months??

    And my sweet tooth has only just started raging! I'm hoping it's only a temporary phase...otherwise I'm in for a lot of trouble over these last 9ish weeks!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! So nice to share stories and thoughts with a fellow preggy mama - they UNDERSTAND ;) !

      Good luck with that sweet tooth - I'm sure it's just temporary, though.


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