Monday, 16 September 2013

We did it!!

We huffed and we puffed and we waddled like there's no tomorrow (okay, that was just me), but we did it!!  We finished the Allan Ferguson Around Naval Hill 4 k fun run [*fist pump*]!

Isn't it funny how much life changes through its different seasons?  Exactly six months ago on Saturday I ran a half-marathon in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, finishing in the top ten ladies (woot!).  And then here I was this weekend, a mere six months later (and now very pregnant), doing a happy dance and a lopsided cartwheel after finishing a (very slow and easy) 4 km fun run (which I walked) with Baby Girl and Brother Bear...  Yay for the bigger picture, right?

Running in Lesotho six months ago.  No waddling here.

I was quite uncertain about entering the fun run - Will jokingly says that I can barely make it to the shop down the street these days...  But I just couldn't bear another Saturday morning at the mall - I needed some fresh air and I needed to move.  So Will made me promise that a) I'd take it super easy (i.e. walk the whole way), and b) we'd turn around the minute I didn't feel up to it anymore (which, hopefully, wouldn't be at the halfway point), which I solemnly did.  And so we entered.

It was a glorious day for being outside: Spring is here and the weather was perfect!  We arrived at the race venue with 10 minutes to spare (we pre-entered the day before) and, after stocking the stroller with fruit pouches, Princess Belle juice bottles and "Big Dog" the soft toy, made our way to the starting line.  We literally started right at the back and kept our position for most of the race (we overtook some fellow walkers in the final kilometre) - something I really didn't mind this time, because the sweeping vehicle was an ambulance manned by two paramedics.  Goooood company for a very pregnant mama!

I love how most of my race photos are family photos these days!  This is the first one with all three of us in it.

The route was as flat as a pancake and wound through some quiet, shady streets.  I must just give a shout-out to Baby Girl here: She sat as quiet as a mouse for the entire 4 km - not even asking to get out of the stroller once.  I was initially worried that she would want to get out and that I'd have to carry her for a portion of the race (which is getting increasingly difficult with my expanding bump), but my worries were completely unnecessary - she was a star!

My little star!

It felt so good to get out there and be a part of the running community again.  We might have walked the entire way and finished almost dead last, but mentally this "race" did me a world of good.  What a fabulous day with my two littles!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you that you could get out in such a fashion! I love the family photo race picture.

  2. Nice one! Well done to you all! That definitely beats the mall!

    1. Thanks, Johann! And I couldn't agree with you more about the mall!

  3. Well done Karien, you're looking good. Keep on moving....


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