Friday, 26 July 2013

My Favourite Race Medals

Vic from Scoot A Doot recently wrote about her favourite race medals, so I thought it would be fun to join in and share my favourite five.

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Some people shove their race medals in a drawer directly after a race, never to think of them again.  Others say "no, thank you" when handed a medal after a race.  Not me.  I love medals.  To me they're a reminder of amazing memories and often the only keepsake I bring back from a running adventure.

Now before I continue, there's something I just need to get off my chest.  I realize full well that it's actually about the memory and not the medal, but heavens alive, our local medals are awful!  There are, of course, some lovely exceptions, but generally speaking South Africa must be the original Home of the Crappy Medals.  I think I'll do a post on my least favourite race medals next, just to show you what I mean.  But now that that's out in the open, let me show you my five favourite race medals to date:

This one speaks for itself: It's huge, it's fun, and it reminds me of one of the best trips and races I've ever done in my life.  I had an absolute blast, and RunDisney sure know what they're doing.  I'd go back for 10 more of these if I could :).

This was my very first marathon and I was terrified that I wouldn't make the cut-off and miss out on the medal!  Fortunately I made it and to this day this medal reminds me of beautiful Paris and an adventure unlike any other.

This is without a doubt the best quality local medal I've ever encountered.  But this race was about so much more than bling and goody bags - it took us through the streets of Alexandra (one of the poorest townships in South Africa) and truly touched my heart.  A race that I'll never forget.

This must be my favourite South African race to do!  I've done it three times already and will do it 30 more times if I can.  It has a huge field, caters specifically for the ladies and is always a pleasure to run.  It also has one of the best local medals out there - love this race!!

This race and medal is special to me for a number of reasons.  It was my first post-baby half-marathon; it was our first trip to the breathtaking Kingdom of Lesotho; and it winded through some of the most spectacular (and challenging!) mountain passes I've ever seen.  A very special memory that I share with Will and Baby Girl.

Do you love race medals?  What's your favourite and why?  


  1. I also love my medals! Even though with 32 years of running and 1376 races under my belt literally have hundreds and hundreds of them. I have a few special ones and also so nice trophies. Belt buckles from 100 milers I did in the USA are also very special.

  2. That's an impressive set of medals Karien, you must be proud of them. We don't get anything as flashy as those over here.
    And you've planted an idea in my head. Will probably do a post featuring my five most memorable medals. Watch this space!

    1. Can't wait to see them and "hear" their stories!

  3. Awesome medals! I'm with you on loving the medals. I'm confess, I'm bad enough that I probably wouldn't run a long distance race that didn't have a medal. LOL.

    My favorite of my medals is definitely the one from the Disney Marathon this past is a spinner!

    1. Ooooooohhhhh, I would have loved one of those in my collection! )

  4. I'm with you on the really bad medals for most SA races. I guess that's why we pay so much less for races than they do in other parts.

    If I have to pay to run then I want to have something to show for it afterwards.


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