Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Greatest Adventure

Not so long ago, I shared some pretty amazing news on the blog: After years (and years) of trying, I finally got an entry into one of my ultimate bucket list races - The Skukuza Castle Lager Half Marathon (2013) that takes place inside of the world renowned Kruger National Park.  That's right - INSIDE of the Kruger National Park.  I was giddy with excitement: I was finally going to run a half marathon in Big Five country with a helicopter and  a team of game rangers on standby to keep the field safe - amazing!  


Then, a month or three later, we got some even more exciting news: I was expecting again!  Which means that we'll D.V. be holding our new Little Blessing in our arms in December 2013.  But which also means that I'll be 5 months pregnant come August 2013, at the time of the Skukuza Half.  Now I don't know about you, but to me running through lion and elephant country at 5 months pregnant just isn't a sensible thing to do.  So I'm going to pass.

It was with mixed feelings that I received my race number in the post a week or two ago.  I would really love to run this race someday.  And who knows?  I might even be lucky enough to get an entry again.  But you know what?  Even if I don't, I'm okay with that.  No race and no exotic location on earth can even come remotely close to my greatest adventure of all: Life with Will and the Little Ones.

To Will and the Littles.  [Source.]

And that's no lie.


  1. Ah!!! what a tough thing to pass up, but for good reason. :) Can you pass on the entry to someone else, or sell it?

    1. Hi Raina! Fortunately I can still help make someone else's dream come true :) - substitutions are open until 25 July. I paid quite a bit for the entry, so I'm going to see if anyone is interested in purchasing it. x

  2. THat would be hard to pass up! Hopefully you can get in again in the future. I would have done the same thing Congrats on expecting another little one!

  3. So hard to pass up on your dream race! Such a perfect little reason though. :)


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