Sunday, 9 June 2013

Favourite Finds I

Will took part in a cycle race in a neighbouring province today, so Baby Girl and I had the entire day to do all kinds of fun and girly stuff like go to the mall and hang out for hours, without anyone yawning or looking bored or rolling their eyes (ahem...).  Our trip was a big success - we found some pretty neat stuff right on our own doorstep, yay!!

Our first find may be old news to most of you, but keep in mind that things take a looooong time to trickle their way down to Africa, and even longer to trickle their way  into central South Africa, where we live.  I must admit: When I saw these beauties on a shelf at our local Dischem, I almost burst into song - finally!!

I'm not generally a fan of bars (the kind that you eat.  Oh wait - or any other kind, for that matter) - I believe that nutrients have to come from real food, not something in a wrapper.  BUT, I am a big, big fan of healthy bars as an occasional treat - I'm pretty sure my undying love for Clif Bars is unparalleled.  But Clif might have some competition...  Baby Girl and I only tried the Cocoa Mint flavoured Nakd Bar (there's a whole host of other flavours too) and shoooooooweeeeeeee, it's good!  It's not quite a Lindt Mint Intense, if that's what you're after, but it's pretty darn close.  And the best part?

Only five ingredients.  All pronounceable.  Love!  I must admit, they're a bit on the pricey side (R15-75 for a 35 g bar at Dischem), but for an occasional treat or something to throw in your bag when you travel, it's definitely a keeper.  Yum!

Our second find was just as unexpected.  Waaaaaayyyy back when Baby Girl was only 4 months old and started eating solid foods, a dear friend of mine living in London sent us a bunch of Ella's Kitchen food pouches.  It was the very first solids that Baby Girl ever ate and she loved it.  And I loved the fact that it was 100% organic and contained a wide variety of fruits and veggies.  Our stash of Ella's eventually ran out, though, and sadly I haven't been able to find something quite as good on our local shelves.  Some of our brands do come close, but I haven't been able to find an organic, tasty brand that Baby Girl keeps on loving.  However, when walking into Baby City today, we beheld the following beautiful sight:

Ella's!!  After doing three cartwheels and the Macarena, we filled up our basket with Ella's goodness and Baby Girl polished off Pouch Number One before we even got to the car. These are, however, unfortunately also on the expensive side (between R15-99 and R21-99 per pouch at Baby City), so they won't (can't) be our staple, but we'll definitely keep some around to make sure that Baby Girl and Baby Junior get in all the goodness that they need.

So excited about today's finds!!

Do you also get excited about healthy finds in shops/at markets?  Any good recent ones that you'd like to share?


  1. Yum! That cocoa mint flavor sounds divine! I'll have to see if they sell that around here.

  2. Those bars sound devine, nothing like that here that I know of.
    I do get extremely excited when I find fun/yummy/healthy treats. I can't think of any great recent ones, although there was a new flavor of Lara Bar I tried that was great, but I don't remember what it was...


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