Thursday, 18 April 2013

Go ta-ta!

Baby Girl is now at an age where she is really starting to understand and love the times we spend together running - love, love, love it!  As soon as I start getting out my running kit in the morning, she'll run to the stroller and say: "Go ta-ta, go ta-ta, go ta-ta!" (in Afrikaans, of course).  While I get dressed, I'll ask her to pick a toy to take with her on our run, which she then promptly fetches and chucks into the stroller.  Tooooo cute!

I usually need to get dressed and ready in quite a hurry, because she'll keep saying "go ta-ta!" until I put her into the stroller and buckle her up.  Next, I snuggle her up in her blanky (it's winter down here in S.A.), put the chosen toy on her lap, and put on the stroller's weather cover.  She loves being in her own little see-through cocoon and always pulls faces and laughs as I fasten the cover.

Just before the weather cover goes up.

When she was younger, she'd spend the first five minutes or so of our runs babbling and then fall asleep until we got home.  These days, however, she rarely sleeps on the run and likes to sit up straight and watch everyone and everything going by.  She especially loves waving at cars and people, and I always enjoy watching their reaction: Some people's faces light up as they smile and wave back; while others don't even bat an eyelid (wow, lighten up, guys!).

I've also found that longer runs (7 km+) are starting to bore her a little bit - since she's been able to walk and run around by herself, sitting still for that long is a tall, tall order.  I therefore limit most of our stroller runs to more or less 5 km these days, which she still loves, but after that she wants to jump out and run around too.

Love, love, love running with my Girl!!

Do/did you run with your kids in a stroller?  Any fond memories/tips to share?


  1. Very cute! I always thought it's crazy when people didn't acknowledge my girls when they were little and would say hi. Now that my girls are older and don't say hi to everyone we pass, I make sure to always wave or say hi to any kid that says hi to me.

  2. I did! I have great memories of running through the streets in our pink running stroller - great times!

  3. So, so, so cute!

    I have not run with Avery in the stroller as regularly as you do. She definitely enjoys it when I do...up to a certain distance.

  4. That is awesome! It must make you strong as well. I never did that. The strollers you get today didn't exist at the time. I also did much of my training on gravel roads and trails. Have a super weekend! "Nat en koud in Johannesburg!"

  5. Smashing picture, and well done you for getting out there. My granddaughter over in the States has run with a stroller and may be doing so again. She had another little boy on March 21st - which is making me feel a bit ancient!

  6. When I saw "Go, ta-ta," I thought you might be French. Ta-Ta means Auntie. My nieces call me Ta-Ta, and my kids call my sister Ta-Ta. I used to run/walk with my kids in the stroller.

  7. It's funny when I see someone out running with a baby in a stroller and the baby is having a fine old time. I'm probably one of those people who doesn't always acknowledge them. If I'm geared into my run, I rarely notice anyone else.

  8. Love your stroller pic!
    How fun that she looks forward to it and jumps right in. I don't think I ever remember mine being quite as enthusiastic...:) but maybe I took them for too long of rides. Everything is great as long as you remember to bring an extra diaper and plenty of entertainment! :)

  9. I run with my daughter quite often and she loves it, too. We also have the weather shield which is the best thing ever for winter running. They stay so cozy in there!


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