Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Soooo close...

Will arrived back home from Cape Town last night!!  I can't even begin to tell you how good it is to have him back - teething and chasing deadlines and pajama drilling just isn't the same without his calmness and sense of humor around.  We missed him terribly!      

Yip, my artistic talent knows no bounds.

He completed the Argus in 03:00:47...  Only 48 seconds slower than his goal time of a Sub-3.  He is so disappointed, but like a true champ says that he refuses to give up and that he'll keep on working hard until he nails it.  I married a keeper!  To put things into perspective, he finished 515th out of 31 596 finishers (that's in the top 2% !) and 473rd out of 24 435 male riders (also in the top 2%), so he did pretty darn well, regardless of missing his personal goal.  So proud of you, Will!

He did, of course, also spoil me and Baby Girl rotten with goodies from the Mother City: I got some dark chocolate (which I inhaled in two minutes flat) and organic goodies from Wellness Warehouse (he knows the way to my heart very, very well) and Baby Girl got the cutest little cycling onesie and beanie combo from the Argus expo - she can't wait to try it on!

Next year Baby Girl and I will, God willing, be going down to Cape Town with Will to embarrass him at the finish line with our happy dance cheer him on and enjoy the event with him - can't wait!


  1. Well done Will, that is indeed a super performance! Very few can get close to 3 hours. Next year you and baby girl have to go with for support.

  2. Woohoo! That is a crazy awesome performance!


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