Sunday, 3 March 2013


Shoowee - what a week!  The three of us spent it doing a tummy bug relay: Baby Girl caught the bug on Tuesday; handed me the baton on Thursday; and I passed it on to Will this morning to bring the cup home.  Fortunately it appears to be one of those short, intense bugs: Baby Girl is already back to being her smiley, happy self; and I am aaaalmost at the point where a Lindt dark chocolate ball sounds like a good idea again.  Poor Will, on the other hand, is still putting up a good fight - hopefully he'll also feel better real soon.


As you can imagine, things were a little quiet on the running front this week.  I do, however, usually take an entire week off after running a half-marathon anyway, so no harm done.  I was a little bummed not to be able to do a fun (hilly!) local ten kay race  with Baby Girl on Saturday morning, but thought it best to wait until we're both feeling 110% again.  There'll be plenty of other races, right?

Here's to a blessed, healthy week ahead!

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