Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A bit of sporty and family D.I.Y.

Let me just start off this post by saying that Will and I are not your typical D.I.Y. couple.  We're so not into spending our weekends tiling and re-tiling floors, putting up wallpaper and restoring old furniture.  It's just not our thing.  But, since moving to a new neighbourhood in September 2012, I've really been itching to put our personal stamp on our home.  You know?  Make it more "us".  So to Will's great delight [hey, Honey? ;) ] I dragged him to the hardware store and embarked on Operation D.I.Y. (in which he, of course, plays a pivotal role).  

We started off with our race medals.  Like most other runners and cyclists, we both have a gazillion-and-one medals, that, until now, have been collecting dust draped over our bed post.  Fun, I know - nothing beats the clanging of a thousand medals every time you move a muscle.


So we decided to put up identical coat hanger hooks on both sides of the bed and voila: No more bed post bling!  Yay!

After: His.

After: Hers.

I still want (Will) to add a floating shelf above each medal display - you know, to house the grand total of (drum roll, please) ONE trophy that we've collectively won over the years...  But I guess that that will have to wait until we've actually collected enough trophies to justify putting up shelves to house them...  Oh, well.

Next up is the living room.  I'm a firm believer that a home's inhabitants are its greatest treasures, and I somehow want to reflect that on our walls.  We've started with some Pinterest projects and put up a family photo canvas, but I'll show you the final product once our wall decal arrives and we can put it all together.  Hurry up, Mr Postman!

Work in progress!

Do you keep your race medals?  What do you do with them?


  1. Love the handprint idea!
    You guys have a lot of medals, you could host a race with all of those ;)

  2. That's quite a medal collection! Love the family picture. So sweet! :D

  3. Not sure why I find it so funny that you had the medals hanging off the bedpost!! LOL Love the new hanger- simple enough even I could do it :)

    Also, the art is great. What a fantastic capturing of the age. I need to do that one too!

  4. Those are my kind of DIY projects! Love the his/her medal displays!

    I have a fancy medal display rack that I got for Christmas one year...it's probably time for an updated photo of it. ;)

  5. Great ideas! I've thought about doing the same thing with my medals, but for now they are in a drawer.


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