Sunday, 3 February 2013

Race Report: Bloem Fun Walk and Run 10 k 2013

On Friday evening I ran my first solo race of the year - the Bloem Fun Walk and Run 10 k 2013. This race was held in celebration of St Andrews College's 150th year of existence and started and ended at the school grounds.

This was also the very first road race (that I'm aware of) that was held in Bloem that was electronically timed (with individual timing chips for each runner) - so major kudos to the organizers for that.  The newness of the timing system did, however, unfortunately cause a few hick-ups with the registration process: I pre-entered, wasn't found on the system during registration, had to stand in the late entry line anyway, and almost missed the starting gun as a result.  The start was thankfully postponed from 17:45 to 18:00 to accommodate this, so at least everyone who wanted to run could start on time.

Late entry line.

The field for the 10 k was a bit smaller than I expected (a 5 k was also held on the night), but decent nonetheless.  Since I was running without Baby Girl and the stroller this time, I lined up towards the front for a change and enjoyed not feeling blocked in.

The field spread out super quickly after the starting gun fired and before I knew it, I could see only a few runners in front of me and was left playing those all too familiar running mind games: You know, telling your body it can when, in fact, it feels like it can't (and won't, for that matter, ha!)?

In a way this race left me feeling a bit disheartened.  I would really have loved a PR, and the conditions for setting a PR was, quite frankly, perfect: The course was flat as a pancake; the weather was perfect; the field was smallish; and I felt strong.  Despite all that, the elusive sub-50 min 10 k target evaded me yet again - aijaijai!  All I can say is hats off to the ladies out there flying through a 10 k in 37 minutes - you girls rock.  I can't begin to comprehend how that is even humanly possible.  I finished in 52:14  - almost a minute slower than my 10 k PR of 51:17.  

In hindsight I know I placed way too much emphasis on trying to clock a new PR.  It was still a great race: Fun to run and well-organized (except for the registration glitches).  Plus it's always a blessing and a privilege to be able to run and compete, no matter how fast or slow one goes, right?  Perhaps a small reminder for me to keep my eye on the bigger picture ;) ?

As for that sub-50 10 k: I'll get you someday!


  1. I am sure that the sub 50'00" is on the corner.
    However 52:14 is a very good finishing time. Congrats.
    Beautiful photos.

  2. You will certainly get that sub 50. Great time anyway, well done! Did they use disposable chips or did you hand them back again?

    1. Thanks, Johann! We handed the timing chips back after the race - they were similar to the plastic Winning Time chips that fasten around your ankle with velcro.

      Happy running!

  3. Great job at the race! I know all too well that disappointment in missing a goal. It'll come, in the meantime, enjoy celebrating with that beautiful girl you have!


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