Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A dream come true

I've been giddy with excitement for the past two weeks, but I didn't want to share anything before I was absolutely sure that everything was in place.  I've since received confirmation, though, and can now finally share my thrilling news: I got a spot in the Skukuza Castle Lager Half Marathon to be held in August 2013 in the Kruger National Park!!!  Can you stand the excitement?!  I'm not sure I can.


CLICK_TO_ENLARGE kt-vol-3-10-race-1.jpg
I've been trying to get into this race for years - not only is it a once in a lifetime opportunity to run a race inside of the world renowned Kruger National Park, but I also have very fond memories of our annual family holiday trips to the park growing up.  When I close my eyes I can literally still smell the thatched roofs and hear the Guinea Fowl racketing in the background - gooooood, good memories.

Fun memories with my mom and dad at the Kruger National Park. Yes, we're silly like
that :) .

We'll see how the training goes, but I'm thinking that this might also be the perfect opportunity to shoot for a new half-marathon PB (with all that extra adrenaline from keeping an eye out for lions and elephants, you know...?)  A part of the race is run in the park itself (i.e. outside of the fenced-in Skukuza rest camp area), with a whole group of game rangers and a helicopter scouting the area for game and keeping runners safe...  

Exciting times ahead!


  1. What a fantastic race opportunity!
    Running in that world-famous park would be something to always remember. Go for the PR :) Glad that the rangers will be looking out for you...Maybe you can arrange for a lion to chase you. Ha!

  2. That sounds AMAZING! I would think I would have some extra adrenaline watching out for all those animals too!

  3. Awesome! I ran it in 1999 and it was fantastic!

  4. You lucky thing, I'm envious! Definitely go for that PR. You've five months to get yourself in tip-top condition and with all the excitement and adrenalin on the day, you'll have an absolute flyer.

  5. That sounds absolutely amazing!!!! I'm so excited for you!


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