Monday, 3 December 2012

Vital Run 10 k 2012

I loved every little thing about this race:
  • Location: 10 out of 10 - held at the Lourensford Wine Estate near Somerset West, there literally was beauty around every corner.  The largest portion of the race also took place on gravel roads instead of tar, which I loved.
  • Organization: Excellent!  We were running late (the story of our lives) and despite hitting the late entry tent, well ... late, we (and a whole mob of other runners) sailed right through it and still managed to get to the starting line on time.
  • Logistics: Plenty of safe, convenient parking.

Ample safe parking.

The start was a bit crowded and as a result I could only run my first step a whole one minute and 10 seconds after the starting gun had fired.  The congestion lasted for a  good one or two kilometers (I'm guessing as a result of the large field and the single gravel roads we ran on), but I'll take that any day over running on tar.

I knew that an old friend of mine from Kimberley (now a local) would also be running this race, but made peace with the fact that I wouldn't see her as a result of the large number of runners and me starting way at the back.  But approximately one kilometer into the race I saw a familiar ponytail just ahead of me: My friend!!  Lieze was doing her very first 10 k race ever and rocking it - so proud of her.  We ran together for the remainder of the race - what a privilege to share in a friend's very first race experience!  

Post race with Baby Girl and my gorgeous friend, who completed her first ever 10 k!

I would recommend this race to anyone in a heartbeat.  The route is quite challenging, with lots of little hills and loose rocks, but the scenery is breathtaking and really takes your mind off of your lungs and legs.  Definitely one of my favourite races of 2012!  

Stunning view at the finish line.


  1. What a great spot of a race! The backdrop is gorgeous too :)
    Your little girl is getting so big!

  2. another race report with some pics for those interested

  3. What a gorgeous spot for a race! Sounds perfect!

    I'd love to come to your part of the world and run some races!


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