Friday, 28 December 2012

Our Kalahari Christmas

While a big chunk of the inland population of South Africa migrated to the coast for Christmas, Will, Baby Girl and I headed in the opposite direction: The Kalahari.  Something about the Kalahari just feeds my soul: The dunes; the Camel Thorn Trees; and the thick, white sand...  And, of course, Grandpa and Grandma lives there!  

Christmas in the Kalahari is strictly not for sissies - it was hot!  Thank goodness for a swimming pool and ceiling fans.      

Hangin' around the pool with Grandma and Grandpa.

Lunch at the pool.

Baby Girl and I went for an early morning run on Christmas Day - another thing about the Kalahari that's definitely not for sissies.  Running on that thick sand with the stroller is tough!  We huffed along for three kays and then called it a day - just enough to work off the previous night's chocolate pie ;).

Huffing through the thick sand.

Even Will busted out his running shoes for a change (only because the thick sand made riding his road bike impossible).  I suspect his motivation for running also had something to do with the anticipation of tiramisu for Christmas lunch...       

Will working up an appetite...

Christmas Day lunch was a spread of lamb, seafood, pork and game with veggies and salads - so good!  Will's main course consisted of, ahem, tiramisu and ice cream, plus another helping of tiramisu and ice cream - nothing on earth tops his sweet tooth. 

... and then showing his tiramisu who's boss.

Baby Girl enjoyed the trip so much - from seeing lions and game for the first time to discovering the joys of playing in the Kalahari sand.  I don't think she's ever gotten as dirty before - plus she slept like a rock every afternoon and every night.  Must be all the fresh farm air :) !

We're thankful to be back home safe and sound for a few more days of relaxing before 2013 starts.  Wishing you a wonderful time of rest!  

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