Thursday, 13 December 2012

Around the pool in 24 breaks

It happens every, single year.  Wait, let me re-phrase that: I let it happen every, single year.  I go for my first swim of the season when summer is already halfway over.  And I always regret it.  Note to self: Start swimming when summer starts!  It's glooorious!

That's how good it feels.  [Source.]

The swim leg of the sprint distance triathlon which I'm now officially training for (woohooo!) equals 24 lengths of our gym's swimming pool (i.e. 600 m).  Yikes.  To me that's a lot of lengths.  And doing it all in one go is especially daunting to me right now.  (Well, that and the tiny issue of swimming in open water.  With a gazillion arms and legs flapping around in my face.  But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.)  

So this morning I tackled the bull by the horns and I did the whole shebang: I swam 600 m.  Twenty-four lengths.  But not in one go.  No.  In twenty-four.  Yep, I needed a break after every, single lap.  Ha!  How will I ever be able to do it all without stopping?!  Just like any other overwhelming task, I guess: One bite at a time.  Baby steps.  

So watch this space!  Major celebrations and obligatory cartwheels and happy dances anticipated for the day when I'm finally able to tackle those suckers two at a time ;).


  1. Well done for doing the distance anyway! Swimming is another monster and you are right...small steps.

  2. Swimming is hard! Well, swimming as exercise rather than just enjoying the pool is hard. :) Last time I swam laps, I took breaks after each one two. For what it's worth.

    Congrats on signing up for the tri!


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