Saturday, 29 December 2012


Wow, what a year 2012 has been!  My word for the year was choose - which basically boiled down to focusing on choosing actions and words carefully in order to get a desired outcome.  In many instances my mantra was a resounding success, but - sadly - in others not so much.  I guess that certain aspects of one's life require a bit more growing and nurturing than anything that can be squashed into an artificial one year time frame, right?  Ah, well, we'll just keep on working on those.

With that said, here's a (running) glimpse of one of the most amazing, challenging and humbling years of my life - 2012:

24 February 2012: Gave birth to our beautiful, blessing of a Baby Girl.

We chose to have a natural home birth with our GP present.  (P.S. (just in case you were wondering): Running a marathon pales in comparison.  On every level.)

We are so blessed!

7 April 2012: Got the green light from my GP to start running again.  Did so with gusto and nearly died of exhaustion as a result of my 2:1 run/walk intervals.  True story.

26 May 2012: The first of many runs with Baby Girl in the jogging stroller.  She took to it like a champ and to this day running with the stroller is one of our favourite things to do.

1 June 2012: Returned to work after four months of maternity leave.  I was blessed with a brand new job at the same company that I've been working for previously - my dream job!  Extremely thankful and so blessed.  

21 July 2012: First post-pregnancy race (and very first trail race).  It was awful and awesome all at the same time - tough, but such a confidence booster.  I was back in the game!

30 July 2012: Finally lost all of the pregnancy weight.  All 19 kilos of it.  Yikes.

25 August 2012: Travelled 400+ kilometers to Baby Girl's first out-of-town race.  We're still working on the traveling long distances thing, but other than that we had a great time.  During this trip we also discovered that Baby Girl loves bling just as much as her mama does!

8 September 2012: Baby Girl and I ran our first 5 k race with the stroller and won the stroller division in a time of 26:49 (I think there was a grand total of three strollers participating...)!  We've been trying to beat that time ever since...  

Still loving the bling.

31 October 2012: Moved to a new neighbourhood and discovered a wealth of new running routes.  We love our new home!

27 November 2012: End of the year break at the coast.  What a year!

Looking back at 2012, only one word comes to mind: Grace.  An abundance of it.  And for that our hearts are truly thankful.


  1. you've had such a wonderful year! congrats on everything and way to get back into it after your baby girl!

  2. You had an AMAZING 2012, Karien! Did you end up with a water birth then? I thought about that with mine, but ended up only laboring that way.
    I can't believe you lost all your baby/pregnancy weight already. Great job!

    Loved reading about your grace-filled year. :) Here's to 2013!

  3. Awesome year!! Here's to a great 2013!!

  4. What a fabulous year you had!!! You're inspiring me to try running with the stroller again. :)


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