Saturday, 17 November 2012

How to survive your first multi-day business trip without Baby

This week, for the first time ever since Baby Girl's birth, I had to travel out of town on business and stay overnight.  As much as I absolutely love flying, traveling and my job, leaving my girl at home was really hard!  Please tell me it gets easier?!

Although I certainly am no expert on the subject, here's a list of what made my trip bearable and what kept me sane:

  • Have a good support system in place.  Having Will and our dear, sweet nanny stay with Baby Girl really put my mind at ease (as at ease as a mom's mind can be when away from her child, that is).      
  • Be prepared.  See to it that Baby's laundry is clean and folded; that there are enough nappies and wipes; that the bottles are sterilized and ready to be used; that there is enough baby food - the list goes on.  Knowing that everything was ready and sorted made me feel much better.
  • Try to catch up on your long lost night time zzzzz.  Try to get to bed early during your trip and take advantage of not doing the pajama drill!  You'll return home refreshed and ready to jump back into mommy mode.
  • Run!  Pack your running shoes and go run (taking all the necessary safety precautions, of course).  The endorphins will make you feel great; plus you'll get to tick off some of your weekly runs, allowing you to swap run time for Baby time when you get  back home. 
Put your running shoes on and go explore!  You'll discover places you never would have otherwise.

  • Sneak in some me-time.  Read your favourite magazine while waiting for your flight; or treat yourself to a delicious smoothie at the airport.  Filling your free time with things you love will take your mind off worrying about Baby.  And hey, you need a break too!      

By doing these things my trip literally flew by - before I knew it, it was time for that blissful homecoming.  Ahhhhh.  Nothing on earth like it!

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  1. I haven't had to travel away from my kids more than probably 5-6 times total and mostly that was for races. It's hard!! I always leave prepared meals and laid out the clothes they should wear. I know the Mr. could handle fine without those things but I feel like I am helping that way. Catching up on sleep is definitely the best part!!


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