Friday, 5 October 2012

Three Things Thursday

There's this thing going on in the blogoshpere called "Three Things Thursday" (a.k.a. Triple Tangent Thursday, or Tuesday, or whatever clever TTT alliteration you can come up with).  TTT basically entails sharing three completely random things about your life every Thursday (or Tuesday) (one can only read and appreciate that many running stories, right...?).  Now don't be alarmed - I haven't only discovered this now.  I've been reading others' TTTs for a while.  And today I finally thought it'd join in the fun - so here goes!

1.  We finally have a tooth!  After months and months of chewing and anticipation and chewing some more, we finally have a tooth!  (Grandma says that before we know it, the Tooth Mouse (in South Africa it's a mouse, not a fairy) will come knocking, ha!  Slow down, Grandma!)

It's in there somewhere, really!

2.  We're moving!  Our two-bedroom townhouse is starting to bust out of its seams.  We barely had enough space before the stroller, high chair and cot (crib) moved in - and now things are just extra cramped.  So we found this beautiful, safe and spacious three-bedroom townhouse on the other side of town - and we love it!  Our move is scheduled for the end of October - can't wait!  We are so blessed.

We're mooooooving!

3.  After three (plus) crazy, hectic weeks at work, things are finally back to normal.  The laundry is folded (at last), the dishes are (finally) clean, and there is actually a bit of energy left to contemplate going for a run.  Ahhhhhhh.

Have a blessed weekend!

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