Friday, 28 September 2012

Race Report: Eduplus 5k

After laying low for way too long, Baby Girl and I took the racing scene by storm last night for the Eduplus 5 k.

Come on, Mama, let's roll!

The race started at 18:15, which meant cool temps and no glaring sun - love!

That akward moment when the entire field witnesses your starting line pose...

Will was there to take pictures and hold the diaper bag while we ran - one of which he completely forgot about [hint: about 500 m into the race Baby Girl and I had to make an emergency stop after running over our own diaper bag with the stroller because someone (ahem...) forgot it on the stroller's footrest...].

The field was quite packed for a small, local race, causing us to walk-jog for the first few minutes, until things spread out a bit.  The route then took us through a quiet, leavy suburb of Bloem, starting with 2.75 kilometers of sweet downhill - wheeeeee!  But then the work began.  We ended with three lung-busting hills - ouch.  I'm pretty sure I perfected the "butt-out-and-arms-stretched-to-the-front" technique of cresting a hill with a stroller by the time we reached Hill No. 3.  Ha!

The route profile.

We cruised over the finish line after 30 minutes and 20 seconds - not our fastest time to date, but, as always, a fun time with the family.  I just love running with my little partner!

Fast asleep at the finish line.  This running business is hard work!

P.S.  My lungs may or may not still be hurting today...


  1. 6'00/km pushing the Baby Girl and with that elevation chart is very very fast. Cograts.
    Great pics
    ....and congrats to the Springbok


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