Thursday, 20 September 2012

Shoooooweeeeee.  After two and a half weeks of crazy, back-to-back deadlines at work, this mama is exhausted.  I love my job - for the first time ever I'm doing a job that I really, really love.  But boy, am I tired - I could just sleep for two weeks straight!  Seriously.  Except that, well, I can't.  Ah, well.

For this same reason I also decided to sit out last Friday night's trail run.  My body just said no.  I needed a break.  So instead of slogging over a mountain in the dark after a hectic week at work (which I'm sure was tons of fun for those who tackled it - you guys rock!), we had some much needed, laid back family time.  Just the three of us.  At Kauai.  Ahhhhhhhh. 

We love family outings...

...especially to Kauai!

Two more days of all out deadlines and then things will hopefully be a tad less hectic.   Bring it!


  1. In this crazy world it's hard to find the right job. I am glad you got it.
    Sometimes we must say "no" and take a break. You did the right thing.
    Wonderful baby smile!

  2. That's gotta be the cutest baby picture ever!!!!


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