Monday, 16 July 2012

Painting Prieska Pink

Will was born and raised in a small little rural town in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa called Prieska.  The name "Prieska" comes from the Khoisan word Prieschap, which means "place of the lost she-goat" - a little depressing, no?  But I can assure you that there was nothing dreary about our visit to Prieska this past weekend - we painted the town red!

Will and Baby Girl strolling down Prieska's, uhm, bustling main street.

We tackled the four hour drive to Prieska on Friday afternoon after work - our longest trip yet with Baby Girl.   I joked with Will that we totally managed to recreate our entire house within my inlaws' house - we took along absolutely everything!  After about an hour of unpacking (Will says I tend to exaggerate), we were more than ready for bed and (after that) a weekend of family fun!  

Now, you should know that no visit to Prieska is ever complete without a steak braai (barbeque) - even if the said braai coincides with one of the coldest evenings in modern history (there's that exaggeration again).  My FIL is the king of steaks and stories about his famous monkey gland sauce run far and wide.  Pair that with my MIL's caramel pudding and good company - good times!

Will, his big brother and beautiful sister.

One of the things I love most about Prieska (except for the family, of course!), is the fact that it's a running mecca: The town's famous koppie (hill) is perfect for hill repeats; the high school's athletics field is perfect for speedwork (they don't lock schools' gates in the platteland or chase you away, thinking that you might be a tsotsi); and the beautiful Orange River forms the perfect backdrop for a weekend longrun.  Love!  
Strolling around Prieska's koppie with my MIL and FIL, with the town in the background.
My FIL, Baby Girl and me.

Nothing like a weekend breakaway with family to add a little spring to your step.  Bring on the new week! 


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