Monday, 9 July 2012

Operation Move It

Seeing that the previous two weekends revolved, almost in their entirety, around all things flu, Will and I unanimously decided that this weekend we needed to get out there and move.  He needed a bike ride and I needed a run.  Badly.

So we divided the weekend into blocks and did exactly that: We moved!  Will used his "Move-It Blocks" to tweak his bike set-up (a very complicated and exact science, so I learned while crawling on my knees to check if the pedals were exactly horizontal); a trainer ride (his one block rained out - boo); and a glorious 70 km ride outside.  I used my blocks for a solo trail run (my one block was too cold to take Baby Girl along in the stroller); a long overdue foam rolling session; and a stroller run with my little side kick in the park.  The endorphins did us all the world's good - what a wonderful blessing to be healthy and be able to exercise!   

Tummy time is hard work too, Mom!

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  1. Great job getting out and moving it! I'm glad you're all feeling better!


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