Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A blessed blur of a weekend

This weekend was one big blur of fun and fellowship with friends and family.  One of those occasions that reminds you just exactly how blessed you really are.  Precious times!

There was visiting with friends...

Rene, me and Baby Girl.

[One of my favourite memories with Rene happened way back when we were students, on our third year zoology excursion to the beach.  Rene and I was pulling an all-nighter to prepare for a big presentation the following day, while the boys in our group were, of course, fast asleep and blissfully unaware of pressures of any kind.  At about one or two o'clock that night we just couldn't keep our eyes open any longer, so we did what any normal student would do: We went for a midnight run!  In the pitch dark.  Wearing jeans.  I could not see a thing and laughed so much that I could barely breathe.  But it worked: We came back refreshed and ready for more and pulled off one bomb of a presentation the next day.]

There was more visiting with friends...

Precious times.

[If Tanya (back row, fourth from the right) and I had a buck for every hour we've spent working out together, we'd be stinking (ahem, pardon the pun) rich!  We've grunted together during Bootcamp classes; we've slogged away side-by-side on the treadmills; we've completed a killer X-Terra off-road race together; and we've done our best to suppress hysterical laughter at the noises, sights and smells of the gym...  And I could go on and on.  Aaaaaaah.  Good times.]

There was a bit of running...

Baby Girl and I running on the game farm.

[I took Baby Girl to my happy place!  Gah, I really miss running in that place.  It's safe (not counting the ostriches); the gravel roads are endless; and the views are spectacular!  Sigh.  Wish we could go there more often.]

And there was way too much eating!

Counting my blessings and being deeply thankful for each and every one.


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